The night after the night before

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Well its now over 24hrs since the council meeting, the usual rush to finish was on and achieved which isn’t all that hard to do when so few of them read the committee reports so bundling them all together to skip time.

I can say that on a number of items on the agenda were “fait accompli, the Libs have the majority and exercised it at their will, the juvenile behaviour of those councillors though is as always disappointing, It is also enormously clear that an election is coming up, the behaviour of the Liberal councillors and the grandstanding was quite unbelievable.Cllr Mamone actually turns to the Labor member and giggles when her “team’ vote is taken…then to rub salt into the wound the new method is to stand for a ‘division’ which basically just highlights how the individual councillors vote and it is recorded…when you have Councillor Stanley often ask to have her dissent recorded as do some others the purpose is?????

Onto the issue I spoke of the other day, the Badgery’s Creek airport committee,you know the Airport the majority of Liverpudlians want i.e. Majority  in this case is 54% – no where near majority of numbers but that 4% is all it took to have the #powermadmayor stand and shout to all that were willing to listen that we WANT an airport and now bless him, he’s decided that those same residents must WANT the intermodal as well.  Liverpool’s Mayor and his case of what he wants is best even if no one really agrees…especially those who are most being affected by the changes he purports. His latest if you’ve been watching the news and listening to the radio is that the intermodal site should be used for housing…while housing IS important, is he so young  that he probably has no idea of the level of flooding our river can achieve, this irresponsible act is akin to the permissions given to the residents of Epsom road who found out first hand what it is like to live with a river at your back door, watching your backyard be reclaimed by a mighty river all the while living with the struggle and fear associated.  But back to the committee… from my experience and understanding of the process, council officers receive expressions of interest from community members who are interested in participating, they evaluate the submissions according to the criteria set then present to the councillors the list according to eligibility the preferred candidates. Pretty basic but generally fair, last night however two things happened…. NOT ONE COUNCILLOR declared any non pecuniary interest with the candidates AND  they then proceeded to cherry pick their personal favourites.

To be fair, I write this now not knowing who those new committee members are, except one to my and her surprise Pauline Rowe was added to the list by Councillor Harle.  (No 9) was his personal request for inclusion, as they are both members of the same political party that was fairly obvious however 6 (possibly 7) people were selected after Cllr Ristevski had the numbers amended, as I’ ve mentioned before increasing the numbers is fair considering the impact of the Airport on our residents and as Pauline is a resident of Badgery’s Creek and a pseudo Lib due to the Independent Liberal support of the past. Logic would have the top most  eligible candidates selected but no, not in Liverpool, numbers 1, 2, 5 6, 9 & 11 were cherry picked (there may be another I wasn’t able to get advice as to what number I had missed). So  poor old (possibly not actually old) 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10 weren’t favoured by the majority.  It is fair to say I will probably (nor will you) ever know who those unfortunate numbers (people) actually were but they missed out. Inevitably we can be pretty much guarantee they won’t be people who openly identify to support Labor or the Greens and even though they may have been better credentialed they will not, under this biased majority, get a voice to help improve the outcomes of the proposal. This is how things are done in Liverpool nowadays and I will be absolutely stunned (gobsmacked even) if when the minutes are available tomorrow Lunchtime, I am wrong and there is a real unbiased and genuinely balanced membership of the committee. That said, as the #powermadmayor has made clear in the past, that won’t stop me attending the meetings, I won’t’ get a vote but I, as can  you as an interested resident of Liverpool can attend and observe if you like. I have been attending the Economics Committee on the first Wednesday of every month and as the Badgery’s Creek committee will meet immediately after I might just sit in.

As I mentioned above, the minutes of the meeting should be available on the council website from about noon, have a look, catch up on what is happening and don’t forget the Moorebank Intermodal Project is seeking submissions, so log onto their website and have a say. I am disgusted that the River barely gets a mention and I raised this with my Colleagues on the Georges River Combined councils committee tonight, I urged them to make comment and I urge you to do the same, a few lines outlining your support or lack there of,  of the intermodal project should be made now. The candor of the Traffic expert on Saturday was refreshing however his news was not, gridlock will affect our city if nothing is done immediately to rectify the problems… call on them to do so NOW, before its too late. Haha, on the GRCCC Cllr Ristevski is maintaining his 50% attendance, it’s nice to see Cllr Harle back on the committee  as he actually shows up.

Another interesting outcome of last nights meeting was that pretty much over night our $250million  in infrastructure backlog became $63million. Not bad, hire a consultant and wipe off 190 odd Million in infrastructure backlog… not that I’ve seen any particular road repairs appear over night, or council premises rejuvenated. Is that we can buy better answers by hiring the right person to evaluate the situation…? impressive imo. While the CEO explained it that some things would now not be counted as infrastructure as it would have been in the past, if anyone can tell me how to do that I have some infrastructure work I’d love attended too but my bank balance simply won’t cut it. So I need to get a consultant it seems.

Not all things at the meeting were appalling, some grants were realised, the auditors report indicated we are  in a sound even promising position financially, so we should since we’ve been hit with 12% more rates than other councils and as was reported in the paper recently our surplus is relatively close in $ value to the income obtained from the Rate Levy. As with Federal politics I do not pay taxes so the Govt can claim a bank account, I pay taxes (&rates) to have services be provided etc

That’s if for me for now,  please don’t hesitate to contact me if your view differs from mine, congrats to the new committee members and a reminder that you are there to represent the whole community….my hope is you do exactly that.


Sign off



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