confusion, compassion and just plain cons

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)This has been a very interesting week, some sadness, some pride and some unaddressed feelings.

Firstly the sadness, this week saw the passing of one of Australias most memorable, passionate politicians…some loved him and as I’ve been reading some have not, he was however the Politician who ensured we didn’t send more military to Vietnam, believed everyone should be able to access health and education, he believed in doing what is best for the majority and he had a passion for taking care of the little bloke. Something quite lacking in Labor and Liberal of today, who are again sending our young into warzones. Of course I am referring to the Late and great Gough Whitlam, may he rest in piece. For a look at a lovely article my daughter wrote…click here

I have to say I have read some pretty nasty stuff in the past week and I do have to wonder why compassion and understanding are ok for Labor while the Greens deserve none. The Greens put out a message of condolence on Goughs passing, I read it, and agreed with it, I did see the Greens logo at the bottom and to be honest thought nothing of it, not until the hateful comments on the media started describing it as grave robbing and the like….why is it if Labor or Liberals put out a piece that has their logo on it all is ok, but the Greens have to do things without promoting their comments? I am a passionate Green, but I have many friends on the ‘other’ side of politics and I value them deeply, we might not agree on all things but I guess being my friends we have way more in common than we have differences, hence there is no need to attack and disagree, when disagreeing in itself can be informative, enriching and educational. Respect is an important thing especially when agreement isn’t easily found. I also think there is a degree of threat to some of the comments in that many people from both the old parties are seeking political refuge in the Greens because their old party has forgotten what it stood for.

On to other things I attended the MIP meeting (Moorebank Intermodal Project) Saturday. I asked a number of questions as did some others and while there is much to be concerned about there were a couple of things I was pleased with. In fairness not things that will make this monstrosity more environmentally tasteful but at least they were listening…. little things like a public car park for the site so the residents and community can take advantage of the proposed River plantings etc ON the other hand I was very disappointed in much of the information on Traffic and at least consoled by the presenters frankness and honesty. The Georges River didn’t even warrant a mention, no one seems to care that while all the residents are speaking up against the Pollution etc (& rightly so) no one is speaking up for our River, which is not tidal near the intermodal and any overflow, rain or flooding will have the enormity of crap land smack bang into it. Millions have been spent on restoring, cleaning and refreshing the river and with one felled swoop it could all be for nought.  I do encourage anyone and everyone to attend the one meeting left at Hunts Comfort inn on Tuesday night, to go along, ask questions and make submissions. We are all going to be affected by this proposal and the least you can do is check it out.

This week is a Council meeting … 6.30Pm on Wednesday night at the Francis Greenway centre on George Street. The agenda doesn’t look overly exciting. However one item of personal interest is the reintroduction of the  previously ‘forgotten’ selection of community members on the Badgery’s Creek Airport committee…  a few meetings ago Cllr Waller suggested that two women who spoke at the council meeting that night should be considered for the task force, while her sentiments were fair should this go ahead the process most certainly won’t be. Several members of the community, myself included, submitted lengthy expressions of interest for this committee, a couple of us (Yes Pauline that’s you) are fairly confident we won’t be selected, there is little chance of someone who is not Liberal leaning being selected with the present majority, however just catapulting people into the committee without having to jump the same hoops as we others did is simply not right. Only time will tell I guess and I know there are others who think this totally inappropriate but will their voices be heard…. I”ll let you know.

For now, I’ll post more once the meeting has been held and as always if you are there come up and say hi, I am being contacted regularly by members of the community who have issues and would like to put some faces with names if you are there.

To finish on a positive congrats to the Council staff working on the projects around town, some are looking pretty good and your efforts are noticeable. I know the present majority will take the credit, but those of us who really see what is happening know who is doing the hard yards…also  a big congrats to the team at the Rose Street depot who are managing and handling the recycling centre. Good stuff !!!! what a terrific initiative and it will be even better when they work out how to handle the new asbestos project. If you’ve not taken some recycling to the new depot, consider it, you don’t even have to get out of your car, simply flip the boot and the council staff will handle it all…


More soon …


Sign off


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