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It’s a little over a week since the last council meeting, I really don’t know what to say about it, as usual it finished in a flurry, not all was finished so much was postponed until the next meeting. It’s okay pretending what happens in committees matters is the norm and postponing them doesn’t’ mean Councillors will read the minutes of those meetings anyway or attend them LOL. Of course this was the first meeting for the new CEO, I couldn’t tell if he was perplexed, getting his bearings or simply not on top of it all yet so keeping quiet. He did however say one thing that impressed me, when it came to yet another confidential issue, he intimated that he was not used to doing things behind closed doors… well Liverpool is going to come as a bit of a shock, any and all opportunities to exclude are taken, maybe he will impact on this. He also spoke with a resident who was filming the council meeting (it’s against the rules) and had her stop. She did manage to get enough for a clip on the news but instead of sending someone he spoke with her himself… If you are interested in decisions that were made,  the minutes from that meeting will have been posted on Friday, if you’re on the council page and can’t find them…keep scrolling down, down down as they are posted at the bottom of the page where the agenda etc are posted. I am yet to have a conversation with the New CEO, not his fault, I’ve been invited, however my new role has me struggling for time.

We’re getting close to the 1/2way mark of this particular council and I would be interested in hearing from you what you think has been achieved in this term… there most certainly has been plenty of talk, lots of mayoral pictures and a number of hefty promises…but what is it you see as genuine results, what improvements are you seeing, what if anything has changed?


The No Intermodal Group has quite a few residents on board, a good thing, the more the community gets to have a say the better imo however the Badgery’s Creek Airport Group is proposing only two, one business one resident.  Councillor Waller did manage to gain some support for the inclusion of a couple of others, that of course is not guaranteed and this was one item that was also held over. I know myself and another vocal resident put our hands up and while  neither of us believe we’d have councillor support  it will be interesting to see who gets the guernsey – will it be another job for the boys, will it be another who promises a lot and then fails to even attend the meetings? Only time will tell but I actually live in hope it will be someone who can add another layer to the discussions, who will genuinely represent  the residents and maybe if we’re super lucky they’ll add another/different  political dimension … lol I know …that’s not going to happen but we can live in hope can’t we, of course time will tell? With Liverpool council majority singing the praise of Federal policy at every opportunity, having a balance on committees will/would be good.


Before I forget again, in my 29.6. post I mentioned that Cllr Harle had managed to get tapes from council meetings rolled over for a two year period before being destroyed, so they can be referred to if needs be, well that is true what I failed to mention was he did this on the back of Cllr Stanley’s motion and I failed to give her credit, while I’m not sure it would bother her, I do try to give credit where due and keep forgetting to add this.


Lastly while the meeting was in progress an item was aired on one of the major television channels… regarding the $ per head of population councils spend on roads, from what I’ve heard many councils spent in the vicinity of or above $100 per head while good old Livo managed $17 per head, if anyone has the link or can direct me to the actual piece I’d love to see the interview. I’d also love that just one time Liverpool came out as being pro resident rather than not.


That’s it for now, another night markets has been and gone, I’ve not heard how this one turned out but if you do and would like to share please drop me a note.

Remember, all opinions are welcome even if they differ from mine.


’til next time…



Sign off


2 Responses to No news

  1. Peter Harle says:

    Hi Signe, Councillors in general had some discussion on this issue, I had asked Clr Stanley, (before the meeting) to support a “4 year rolling record” of Council meetings be incorporating as an amendment in her motion, as she did, it remained her motion unlike “foreshadowed motions” often used to “rob” the motion from the originator. The motion was elaborated on when some Councillors were not sure of what the term “rolling 4 year record” meant.

    • Signe says:

      Thanks Peter of that I am aware, I”m sure she appreciated that on this occasion the motion wasn’t stolen however I failed to give her the recognition I should and therefore just wanted to rectify that. Some COuncillors not understanding the motion is not a surprise either…sadly this on but one I’m sure.

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