time to check in

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)Have you ever thought how not checking in would seem to others? There is so much running through my mind at the moment and because its been a while this will be a ‘brain dump’ of sorts, things that are playing on my mind and a little on what is happening. It is important however to know I’m never too busy to pay attention to good ol Livo but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day to do/see/participate in everything one wishes and of course write it all down.

For instance NAIDOC week is all done and dusted and I missed nearly everything (ceremoniously that is)… except the fact I regularly ponder the past, present and future of our indigenous brothers and sisters and the less than acceptable way in which they are treated. I pay my respects to their long and rich history, their turbulent past and wish that things could be different. Then out of the blue I hear the comment  ” I don’t know what I’m supposed to be sorry for it wasn’t me who did all the wrong things to the aborigines’ and then I want to scream. This narrow self serving attitude is clearly part of the reason so little is done to improve the status of our indigenous and the poor and disgraceful way in which governments even today treat them with contempt, especially when you hear the tripe from the present minister for indigenous affairs the  Prime Moron. Okay I accept that sounds disrespectful, however my daughter constantly reminded me during her formative years, one has to earn respect and while I have more than enough respect for the office of Prime Minister the person wearing the title is none the less required to earn or at least maintain the role with some dignity and grace, I felt his comments during NAIDOC week were less than acceptable. This same person is treating the Office of Women with the same disdain and really I think we deserve better as a nation. I WANT MORE FROM OUR ELECTED….MORE I TELL YOU and if you agree with that, we could spend a whole posts on asylum seekers, the poor, the lesser abled, single parents,  the young,(the list goes on)…why do we settle for so little and trust so much? Ok rant over for now…. 😛

All that aside, what has been happening in Liverpool? Radio 702 ABC broadcast from Macquarie mall earlier today and Linda Mottram really did share the joy today, I managed to hear most of the show and was delighted with the people who spoke.. well mostly, clearly the Mayor wasn’t scripted and it showed…  however listening to Uncle Steve Williams was a joy and I really liked that Linda has asked him to talk with her again…we have some amazing people in Liverpool and its nice to see them showcased in such a positive way…. well done Livo.

Very locally I should share a question that has been asked of me lately, Edwin Wheeler Reserve is very close to my home, as is Maxwells Avenue – Maxwells is a main thoroughfare and where it meets Cartwright Avenue is particularly busy as intersections go. So with council spending lots of money fixing roads, (not either of those mentioned however) why in the name of sanity did council spread tar over the car park of said Edwin Wheeler reserve and leave so many potholes on the abovementioned intersection? If we have spare road surface material and people to spread it why didn’t they fix this busy intersection? To the person who asked, I really don’t know, I  don’t have the answer, but as a  shoddy use of rates money goes, this is perplexing. The surface in the car park didn’t even appear as if it were formed up etc, it looks like someone just spread out left overs hmmmm and while that will last for about as long as a good downpour couldn’t we have done something more substantial, most especially as roads so close need some serious attention?

Council meeting is next week, the business papers should have been posted today, however my busy schedule hasn’t allowed me to check them out yet, I will let you know if I see anything  you should look  at… if you see something you can let me know too. Sunday is National Tree day so I hope many of you head over to Chipping Norton and help out… I’m working on being there even if only for a short time as I have another appt. Sad there just isn’t enough hours in a week but we do what we can.

Lastly, the sadness of the past week breaks my heart, the loss of life, the blatant cruelty and the loss and heartbreak happening all over the world makes one pause and count ones blessings. I send my heartfelt wishes for all those suffering now and hoping that sometime soon the world wakes up and says enough is enough and decides to live in peace…
more soon……… feel free to disagree, agree or whatever, opinions are free and I’ll happily post yours here.

Sign off


BTW you still have time to recognise the Police Officer of the year….below is the form… go for it



Police officer of the year formPolice Officer of the Year Page 2




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