Night Markets

20140705_181933Well I knew the time would come when I could spend more than a few minutes checking out the night markets and this was the weekend. This time I was determined to check out the stalls and chat with as many people as I could… and that I did. I was surprised to see only one councillor during my two and a half hours at the event but delighted to see so many of our council staff working on stalls, securing the event and generally making sure all things ran smoothly. Another pleasant surprise was catching up with two of our rangers who were hosting the Animal Welfare stall in the hope of educating and supporting pet owners in responsible care of  their animals. A great initiative in my opinion, allowing the community to ask questions informally might mean more of the creatures we love aren’t left running free in the community instead of safe and sound at home. I know these rangers were there when I needed their support some months ago with feral cats causing havoc locally.

I also spent a little time at the council information stall where  leaflets of all types could be taken by the community and supported by our friendly staff.  There were several food stalls and a couple of coffee stops that added new meaning to the cheros I was hanging to try. Sadly not a lot of stalls of the shopping variety, and for these markets to work and encourage people back there needs to be some diversity and variety…. not taking away from the few that were there but not enough to rush back for. My grandson did enjoy a fresh wood fire pizza and drink while I sat and enjoyed the coffee and cheros. The group Pioneer were the main entertainment and they were to say the least lively and energetic, there was another musician further up the road, however by the time I reached him he was either on a break or gone.20140705_164328


Whilst I do attend the economic development meetings,  I am there as an observer and strictly forbidden a voice, so for the record the things that could be improved would be more seating along the boulevarde, what little was highly sought after, a little more musical attraction as the general ambiance  and vibe of the people was there, just not quite enough to make one linger, especially on a cold winters evening and of course better variety in stalls. I know the goal is that the number of stalls increase over time, its the getting people to come back that won’t necessarily be guaranteed.  It was good to see popular shops like Cavalaros open and a couple of the food shops and dollar shops stay open, whether or not they stayed the duration I don’t know but it was a pleasant surprise to see them embrace the opportunity – lets face it as cake shops go, you’d find it pretty hard to top Cavalaros. 🙂20140705_164211

On another point if you attempted to lodge an EOI for the Badgery’s Creek Taskforce  the email address on the form contained a small error, if you had a problem with it bouncing I suggest you contact council asap…. it appeared to me the error was in that the address provided had an additional “dot” that wasn’t obvious on the form…I am hopeful a good number of people sought inclusion and feel the one resident and one business representative a little ‘mean’ especially on an issue that could potentially affect the entire residential population, especially compared to the number of residents on the  No Intermodal taskforce. I am also hopeful that the eventual makeup of the taskforce includes both people supportive and those less so. Balance is important and all perspectives necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for the residents, community envirnment and businesses.


Don’t forget if you were at the markets and have more information share it here, I am interested in opinions other than my own and would love to be able to share them.


till next time:


Sign off



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