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Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)Just when you think all is well, someone shines a light on information from out of the blue. In this case seems either the New CEO brings with him more than we expected or at the very least upset at least one person in one of his roles, enough to have them write to me and offer a smidgen more information… the one thing about skeletons is they will often turn up when least expected. In our case finding out if the skeletons are friendly or not isn’t going to be that easy, or will it? (please refer to my previous post where there’s smoke is there fire? and read the comments section)

Ok a quick run down: the extraordinary meeting, of course cancelling the 25th was a given, interestingly word on the street was that it was being brought forward because two councillors wouldn’t be available on the 25th, two councillors were absent on the Friday, so why the urgency? Simply put, its the ‘political colour” of the absentees that matters. On the Friday Cllr Waller (Labor) and Cllr Balloot (Liberal) were absent, thus indicating that concern that the Liberals wouldn’t be able to push their agenda if two of them were absent seems guaranteed. Being the budget approval meeting one has to wonder why there was concern…An interesting change was that Cllr Harle managed to gain support for a rolling maintenance of council minute tapes, where they are presently destroyed rather quickly , he has now enabled their retention for a rolling period of 4 years…a good thing. Most especially for those of us who actually read the budget where the $35 copy of Tapes fee was ratified will now mean that where there is contention or query members of the public will now be able to access copies of those tapes. As someone once said, always read the fine print, a lesson I learned and will now appreciate its importance. In relation to the budget.

Vote for: Mayor Mannoun, Clr Hadchiti,Clr Hadid, Clr Mamone, Clr Ristevski.
Vote Against: Clr Harle, Clr Karnib,  Clr Shelton, Clr Stanley.

It might/would be worthwhile asking the councillors who voted against the budget why, preferably before we get to the 2016 election.

Another interesting inclusion was the support of 11 councillors delegates to the Local Government NSW Annual Conference, I always support councils representation however as always I do question why we need to send 11 at a proposed cost of $2,500 each (from the business papers in italics) , of course one can’t moan too much I guess as  on this occasion there was less exclusion of Labor than in the past, but the question remains do we need 11 councillors attending really?

Economic and Financial Costs will be approximately $2,500 per delegate for registration,
travel, accommodation and meals. (that will cost us approx $30,000 when you include one council staff /CEO if all 11 councillors attend) I am reasonably confident not all 11 will go but  one has to be prepared and that is with the assumption only one staff member attends and there are no additional lunches, dinners or team building sessions added. Which is not normally the case. Having read state wide comments from previous years events I hope a roll is marked so our councillors don’t copy past escapades and go off tripping (in this case around Coffs Harbour) rather than attend the program and actually represent their council area.

As you can easily see there are many things I question, mostly because of the costs we the rate payers will be footing.

I was also pleasantly surprised to hear the state government is rolling out a new program to reduce Asbestos in the community by allowing small quantities of asbestos to be recycled free of charge (in some cases with a cash reward of $50) However to my dismay Liverpool council was not listed as one of the participating councils. Disappointing especially as we wait for the promised recycle centre in Rose Street. With so many older homes this could prevent considerable dumping and be a real boon to renovators. When I mentioned this to a couple of people I must admit I was a little taken back by the comment, ” of course we’re not, this council only wants to help business not the residents’   Seems more residents than I expected are taking notice of what is happening around Liverpool. I’m still hearing that there are favoured sections of the community but the Liverpool is open for business is resonating and people are suggesting that business is being given precedence over ratepayers….while I’m not surprised seems some are. Liberals by and large favour business just look Federally and State if you’re unsure.

For now if you want more information on the decisions of council, the minutes are usually posted on the council website within a few days and are clearly there now for you to read. I am looking forward to meeting the new CEO, let’s hope his priorities are Liverpool and the residents…and not outsourcing as the commenter noted. Time will tell and as always let me know if your opinion differs to mine or you have additional information you think the community would be interested in. Alsoit would be worth your while to take a little look  to see what is actually happening in Liverpool, not only what is being ‘talked’ about, you might see quite a difference and as the old saying goes, talk is cheap.


‘Til next time…


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