Liverpool Council Budget

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)With only two days to go, have you prepared a submission to council regarding the proposed budget, have you asked your questions,  are you prepared…?????? Sometime tomorrow or early Tuesday I’ll post my submission…top on my questions list is why oh why is the executive budget so damned high, much higher than in the past ($6.1M)and remember this was prepared BEFORE we signed  the new CEO with his increased salary… second is where is the information regarding the Parking meters revenue, I’ve looked and can’t find it…. $7m allocated for CBD parking and we know there is also a $10M dollar low interest loan, where, when ….and that’s just the beginning. Am I satisfied this document advises the community sufficiently No I most certainly am not.

Please don ‘t let this council think we will just roll over and accept this largely lacking document is sufficient by way of advising the community of the expenses and possibilities. Clearly if you’ve looked and have a different opinion or  feel differently please share, if you have additional questions share those too… The more of us asking the hard questions the more chance we have of getting an answer.

Enjoy the long weekend and don’t forget to let council know your thoughts.

Lastly did you make it to the night markets on Saturday, I had guests and was unable to attend, would love to hear your thoughts. We are spending considerable rates dollars on these trials, are they worth it, is it good use of your rates dollars??? YOU TELL ME.


Sign off


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