Where there’s smoke…. Is there fire? Liverpool’s Extraordinary meeting.

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)As we have a new CEO in Liverpool Mr Carl Wulff,  I did what I always do when considerable rates $ are being employed… I Google!

And Google I did… sadly while what you find isn’t always factual or in perspective  it can be quite informative and sometimes a little bit scary… in this case Mr Wulff has these 4  articles and his LinkedIn profile as the top items.





The latter being an ABC article about his resignation from Ipswich Council last December.

I am wholly a proud Liverpudlian, I love this place and I have enormous respect for our staff, they are hardworking and dedicated and our city doesn’t need another drama, especially so close to the Director debacle a few months ago. While in fairness we need to give this fellow a fair go,  I will continue to watch and investigate in the hope that where there is smoke in this case there is no fire…and its merely the result of a witch hunt gone wrong or an attempt to undermine the CEO position(something Liverpudlians know more than we should)

To date I haven’t been able to find any political affiliations and I know dealing with our #Powermadmayor and his cohorts will be a chore, even when they have one of their own in the CEO seat we know all too well they fall out of ‘love’ pretty quickly.

The acting CEO Rob Noble seems to be a decent fellow also and I’ve wished him well as he will finish on or before the 24th June. While he indicated to me that he was in no way looking for a permanent role it would have been nice to get to know him better, I liked the vibe if that makes sense.

Truly you have to be a pretty brave person to take on Liverpool council when you read and know what this majority has been capable of since their election back in 2008, their treatment of GM’s and CEO’s, all documented here over the years.

We will I’m sure find out more, so while some our Councillors are out celebrating, likely on our dollar at one of Liverpool’s finest restaurants we can hope the #powermadmayor’s indulgences stop here and the new CEO sees as we do that the executive budget is soooo much more than in the past,  he may be able to reign in the  #powermadmayors run on our dollar.

Tomorrow is another day, we have another council meeting, this one scheduled and to be fair I do not understand why this extraordinary meeting couldn’t have been addressed tomorrow when a scheduled meeting takes place…that said we did sit outside for over an hour while Councillors debated, discussed, questioned or whatever it is they do when the community is excluded. There are a number of matters on the agenda and some may prove quite contentious – as always I check out the committee minutes and seriously wonder why some of the liberal Councillors are even on committees when they continue to be absent all the while excluding other Councillors who may have just bothered to attend.

More after tomorrow’s meeting and a gentle reminder to please take some time and read the budget papers and be ready to comment in early June…. After all the budget reflects council’s use of your rates money… and you do get a say.

Lastly a long three months awaits one of our Councillors who I believe has been called to answer questions for ICAC, ICAC I understand is taking a break to gather more evidence. Of course there will be more as I know more but a quick reminder for those who may not know “I love ICAC” and hate cheats and crooks and sincerely appreciate the efforts that are required to investigate on such a large scale. It will be a good day when the people of NSW can be assured that the politicians they elect are doing what they were elected for, governing for the people, not personal gain.


More  after tomorrows scheduled meeting of course if you have different information to mine or a different opinion, please feel free to share it here.


Sign off




2 Responses to Where there’s smoke…. Is there fire? Liverpool’s Extraordinary meeting.

  1. Renee says:

    No witch hunt, no undermining where your new CEO is concerned, all I can say is the staff should watch their backs as they won’t have their jobs for long. He loves hiring contractor. He also left Dandenong Council under controversial circumstances. Also our Mayor Paul Pisasale is currently being investigated by Qld Crime and Misconduct Commission. Google it. Good Luck.

    • Signe says:

      Thanks Renee would love any additional info. ..we have a great staff so I would hate to see anything untoward happen. Sounds lkke you know first hand . Happy for you to email me privately if you’d like. swesterberg@iinet.net.au .

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