disillusioned, disgusted and delighted

signe-westerberg-headshotsfav-78-of-102-2Where to begin, early Tuesday I was unpleasantly woken by the voice of our #powermadmayor  on ABC radio. He’s on a high now as the Federal Govt is telling us the Badgerys Creek Airport will go ahead. Disillusioned comes from the idea that 54% of the community is considered an overwhelming majority, disgusted comes from the blatant Liberal push to dump all and sundry on the residents of South West Sydney while delighted deserves a paragraph of its own further down 🙂 Disillusioned has now been gazumped by the NSW Premiers admissions or is that omissions and eventual resignation. 

So let’s dissect this a little more: on both a National  even State level its pretty easy to make sweeping statements/commitments, especially in the lead up to an election or in the knowledge that your term will not  see them come to fruition, eg the Badgerys Creek Airport. The Abbott govt will likely not see a plane leave or arrive on the proposed Badgerys Creek Airport. At the very earliest it will take 10 or more years for the thing to be built. All the while around 360,000 people will be building their homes in around the proposed airport. My question is… if an Airport  is sooooo bad for the residents around Mascot, how is building another one in the heart of a new residential area going to be better? We should also  brace ourselves to the fact this will be a freight / secondary airport where 24 hours a day 7 days a week freight will be landing and transported ( by truck) to the Intermodal at Moorebank and surrounds for distribution, again by truck. My next questions is : Where is the EIS… a new updated one, not one geared to reflect the need to dump an airport where ever the mood strikes  …in this case Liverpool? I’ve since heard they may just use the old EIS :-(…This article from the Sydney Morning herald may shine a light on some of your questions:  www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/is-a-new-airport-at-badgerys-creek-really-needed-20140415-zquyy.html Did you know  China managed to build an island to accommodate their new airport, did we as a nation even look at the options? Or are we as always looking for the fastest, cheapest oft nastiest option? This to me is pretty much like the intermodal, we need a seat at the table NOW and we need to be listened too…. both our Rivers are now genuinely under threat of damage due to the enormous affect  both these monstrosities will  potentially reek havoc on. I am hopeful that if this airport really does go ahead that we get a genuine voice at the table in the early stages, that we get to actually look after our environment and our people and that the political will ( and I mean we being parties of all colour, those who support it, those against it) and people like me that want it done well, should we be lumbered with it. I am hearing that this could be the most environmentally friendly airport ever built I don’t want to just hear the rhetoric I want to help ensure it is…not unlike the Moorebank Intermodal. This proposed airport is being built within cooee another  river, right in the middle of a residential area and nooooo one is going to be affected ….nooooo one at all just ask the government, I am hearing only 4000 people will be affected, tell that to the  360000 residents in the coming years. I hate being a skeptic but I do worry about the  PPP’s ( private / public partnerships), personally I think there’s a “P” missing = Public purse into private pockets sounds more the reality to me.

The next BIG  question is who’s going to pay for it…well if you read the other announcements, whispers and guesses, looks like it might be pensioners, the unemployed and single parents. I hear the present treasurer saying we have to live within our means, and as it stands 98% of the people I know most certainly already do, well within their means oft to the point of struggling, but according to this government most of these same people don’t fit into the “women of calibre’ catagory and wont’ be the recipients of the $75,000 baby support bonus. Is this balanced and fair accounting?

How quickly things change: So here we are today, Wednesday, the day Barry O’Farrell resigned as Premier of NSW over a bottle of Grange, ok it’s one pretty hefty bottle when you consider its value was $3,000 –  I have to admit it must be interesting on that higher plane, when a $3000 gift not even worthy of a memory however one has to ask, is this the tip of a pretty ugly iceberg, are we about to be shown the depths to which some politicians will stoop ? It is no wonder the people of NSW are totally over politics, hell the whole nation is over corrupt politics, will it ever end? The checks and balances seem to have become cheques and balancing and to its credit the ICAC is doing what it is there for, outing the corrupt and protecting the innocent.

My concern is are we looking at a series of regrets or simply regrets at being caught? It is already being touted that Gladys Berejilkian is one of the main contenders as the new Premier, are we seeing history repeating itself, wasn’t it Kristina Keneally who was the sacrificial lamb when all went south in the Labor party?  Seems we women are expendable and suitable when heading south is all there is left for either of the old parties, so come on down Gladys. Personally I have no passion for Ms Berejilkian as a politician but that aside is it fair that the women who support the governments of the day are readily planted in leadership when disaster is imminent? Only time will tell I guess and I’ve just heard the decision will be made Thursday (tomorrow)


I was happy to see John Kaye Greens  MLC  call for all the ICAC recommendations to be installed instead of the single one Mr O’Farrell thought necessary.


With only 11 months until the next state election its time every one came clean, corruption in our politics was a thing of the past and people could once again rely on their elected representatives to actually represent the people who elect them not merely represent the biggest business or donor.

Onto delighted, Sadly politics will take a while to change but I am heartened by events more local. Last week I attended the Rural forum where the Local Inspector discussed issues of import to residents, then Green Valley Police safety program at the Catholic Club, on Monday I attended the 2168 meeting, as did the same police,  after which  I saw the same  local officers interacting with locals in the Miller shopping centre.  I am delighted to see the positive interactions and engagement of the local police, the successful programs they run in the community, whether to engage local youth or in their everyday tasks. To that end I commend to you that it is time to put forward nominations for the police officer of the year and urge the community to share the successes of a particular officer so they get the recognition they deserve. Its easy to  knock but its even better to have a positive but what better time to nominate one worthy police officer … I’ll attach the nomination for soon, so please take the time.

Lets hope there is some positive news in the very near future, all this negativity is exhausting, it boils down to expect more and fingers crossed you’ll get it.

Well that’s my take on some of the recent events, as always if your opinion differs let me know I’m happy to post it here.


Sign off



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