Breaking news, Farooq Portelli gone

signe-westerberg-headshotsfav-78-of-102-2The CEO is gone no doubt along with a hefty severance. This  leaves the #powermadmayor and his cohorts to appoint a new more ‘friendly’ GM in his place imo. How is it that bullying is rewarded in LCC? (Remember previous posts re attempts to dismiss) Some might call it karma! Tell us what has been done to warrant this situation? Has this majority council made a former ally the scapegoat for bad decisions and appalling behavior or just an untenable situation reaching its climax? Questions I doubt will ever be answered.The smugness of this majority is the pits, the arrogance appalling and the financial waste born by the residents. Sitting through the meeting as they mocked a fellow councillor by laughing at him is dreadful yet the norm. DA’s voted for in retrospect.

We demand better than this, it has been said this is what you voted for…really.? I think most decent people would not have believed this is what they would get when they blindly voted for change. By the way,this IMO is being rushed through before the code of meeting changes to disallow mayoral minute abuse is brought back to council after community consultation responses again time will tell.

As a bonus: After all the protestation previously and constantly in the last council the Liberal majority is  moving at speed to ‘OASIS mark 2’. This time unchecked, this time all in the name of personal promotion IMO .

I weep for my beloved Liverpool… While she’s not looking we’re being screwed. Then of course the morale of the staff of Liverpool Council  who again face big changes and an even more #powermadmayor in the drivers seat.

Sign off


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