Iconic buildings, expensive stadiums, what next?

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)Having had a quick look at the council papers for Wednesday night seems Cllr Harle got some little minds thinking when he suggested using some of  the nearly $7Million Iconic fund money to some good use. All of a sudden council is looking into what and where it can position itself.  Any one paying any attention would consider building a monument to oneself should be where the #powermadmayor and his minions were always going to be a priority  but one has to ask what’s wrong with what they have? From their own reports the council building is the only A grade building in Liverpool, we’re still spending $170,000+ per year renting the old council chambers and they’re making so much money out of what we pay in rates that the tenants of 33 Moore St are slowly but certainly being tossed out. I remember part of the reasoning for buying 33 was that the tenants would offset the running costs of the building, with two long term reliable tenants now being ousted, that’s $200,000 (roughly) a year short the council will be in offsets…I guess that’s not a problem with Council is applying for a rate increase and of course the police have signed another 2 yr ++ lease.

I wonder if anyone even considered the fact that the building at 33 was actually designed to be extended if and when the need ever arose? From information I was told some years ago all those big patios were essentially extensions waiting to happen. I’ve also been told one of the core reasons many govt departments aren’t flocking into Liverpool is that the floor space ratio they want is 1000sq/m per floor, as the building stands at present it falls quite short.  I guess we don’t have to worry ourselves about that either, last Friday the State Govt announced that the Ambulance service was to be relocated to Parramatta, interesting I think when they apparently purchased No 1 Hoxton Park Road for a similar purpose. Also interesting was the announcement last week that the  NEW Govt one stop shop proposed for the old RTA building is now going to be located in  premises next door to Domain at the Mega centre. Why would the government want to use a building they owned when they can pay big rents to a private company? All power to the new landlords quite a coupe in my opinion. Oh well not being on the right mailing list means I’m only guessing, joining the dots and reading the business papers.

It also appears that council will be looking to sell or develop a section of McLeod Park, after significant upgrades are made. A careful read of the business papers will show you council is in the process of selling off small sections of parkland indicating the use of the  funds for further development.  Pascalle Minici Park and a section of McLeod park are  seeking change from community to operational to enable sale. I worry that selling off parklands will leave us lots of multi storey tenancies and very little open space. Please let me know if you are the recipient of these advice letters, not all are being publicly advertised and we must be diligent, because once sold they won’t return.

As I’ve said before spending time reading the business papers will give you insight into the plans, aspirations and desires of Councillors. Some good, some worrisome. Reading the minutes of committees will also give you an insight into what is planned with your rates money as well as showing you who of our Councillors actually show up and those who don’t. I strongly suggest residents read what is suggested and if there are items of concern book yourself in to speak with Councillors and share your thoughts at a council meeting. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, the silent majority gets a rate increase.   file:///C:/Users/Signe/Downloads/Agenda%20-%20Council%20Meeting%2026%20March%202014%20-%20Website%20version.pdf

Lastly congrats to council staff for the citizenship ceremony held on Harmony day in the beautiful Bigge Park,  a huge tick to the young lass/lasses from Liverpool Girls High who sang while the community waited for the ever late #powermadmayor to arrive. What an amazing voice and a real pleasure to listen to. Sadly our #powermadmayor couldn’t resist the opportunity to politic and while that is no longer a surprise it is disappointing. If you look to the side bar you’ll see I’ve posted some pictures via twitter. Lots of school children enjoying the beautiful weather, family members of those taking their pledge having picnics and some great entertainment. The thing I found most disconcerting was that on this ‘Harmony Day’ where we celebrate all those who make up our amazing city, our Mayor failed to acknowledge the indigenous leaders in our community who btw were teaching people how to paint boomerangs, Uncle Steve and others were there and he didn’t pay our respects, how sad and what poor form. Also sad was the poor attendance of Councillors. Although in fairness Cllrs Hadid and Shelton were present with the late arrival of Balloot. Mid day functions can be difficult I know but this is an annual event and I would have hoped some others could have taken a lunch hour to drop by. None the less while a fairly low key harmony day I did enjoy the singing and applauded the new citizens as they took their pledge. 

If I find anything else of interest in the business papers I’ll write again, for now I suggest anyone interested in the Rural zonings, or plans and committee discussions click on the link above and have a read.

See you on  Wednesday, 6pm at the council chambers 170 George Street, Liverpool, you never quite know what will happen and to date nothing seems to have been finalised in relation to the CEO. The hope is now that with the ammended code of meeting practice the #powermadmayor will no longer be able to drop inappropriate motions on the community without due diligence and proper consultation.


Sign off



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