So much to do so little time

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)I finally got some time today to finish the submissions for the Code of Meeting ( 19.3.14 Code of Meeting Corrections) and supported the changes for the LLEP affecting our rural residents here There are another couple of items on exhibition page of the LCC website that need some attention, mostly the School of Arts building and I strongly suggest everyone takes a few minutes and comments also. Take a few minutes and log on here:

I have been very fortunate to be quite active in the past few weeks, I have the great pleasure of being part of the Liverpool Transport Task-force, the local 2168 action group, both the council forums for Urban and Western Liverpool, International Women’s day, the Medicare Rally and on the past weekend walking with over 12,000 people to vent my displeasure at what is happening nationally. This is truly inspiring and I have nothing but praise for  dedicated people who not only talk about what could be done, but actually step up to make things happen. Interestingly I never planned to be one who protested, but with so much happening contrary to the needs of the people of this country, I cannot stay home, I can’t expect others to protest alone and I won’t. While ever those rallies are peaceful and fruitful I’ll be standing proudly arguing for better, arguing for what is right for our whole population, not only those select few. Unfortunately with some of the changes on the cards I will no doubt be out and about even more often, raising awareness of the plight not only of our people,  but our fauna, our forests and our reefs all of which are under threat, all of which will be gone if we don’t raise our voices in unity.

20140316_155026 20140316_155029 (2) M in M 1

20140316_141742 (3) - Copy

M in M 5

Another disgruntled voter

I cannot praise enough the dedication and commitment of local groups like  The Lions club, Rotary, Quota, the Justices, to name a few, and with so many dedicated people, all getting  a little older, all very capable, all keen to work with the younger more vital members of the community, waiting to step up and work along side, I cannot but encourage you to get involved also.  I see the most amazing things happen in our community, I watch the fulfillment and pleasure gained by those who step up and I know that same pleasure awaits others.  These younger more vital individuals bring new skills, new ideas and new directions all of which are necessary for continued growth of all organisations.

Below are some pictures from the Leave Medicare Alone rally, where hundreds of people rallied against this Govts proposed changes to Medicare.

Other things are happening in Liverpool,  this Friday is Harmony Day being celebrated in Bigge Park, 12-3pm, Sorry Day at the regional museum on 26th May 10-2.30, also  your rates dollars are funding a fitness program on a Tuesday in Bigge Park, registration is on line and advertised in this weeks paper and I hear there are some places still available and worth a look. Next Wednesday is the next council meeting with business papers online Friday afternoon. I will let you know more as the information comes to hand.

Until then

Sign off

save medicare rally

save medicare rally 1 save medicare rally 2 save medicare rally 3save medicare rally 5 save medicare rally 7 save medicare rally march


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