Money to burn

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)Well it seems I have good news, we have so much money in the coffers the #powermadmayor is calling  residents with a recorded message inviting them to the Australia Day event. Seems with so much money to burn we can pretty much all resist the Rate Increase and know the #powermadmayor will have it covered, especially with self promotional adverts in numerous papers, self promotion at every turn we must have more money than originally thought. Some residents were taken aback by the prerecorded message to their homes and  are concerned at the cost?

While I’ve always supported community focused events, I sat quietly today considering the events we could cull to cover the removal of the 9% ++++… things like the Australia Day event, while a lovely idea, if we don’t have the money those few thousand residents (of 185,000) would probably prefer to miss that event than pay the extra, any/all  overseas trips, then of course Council is hosting the night markets so that could be postponed until the roads etc  were up to par.  Could we forego the New Years event, I’m sure that would save us some dollars and put the whole idea of a stadium on hold, cull spending from the floor of council until our back log was up to date, we could also cull some of this #powermadmayors self promotion events, extraordinary meetings,  and withdraw the Mayors Credit card (no other mayor has had one). Maybe reconsider the extra adviser and rely on our own talented staff for advice they are already paid for? Use the draft management plans for things like Bigge Park instead of doing them all over again and again, spending more and more money on consultants and public exhibition when its already been done.

Living within our means may mean some hard decisions but I’m sure your family budget has gone through some ‘rethinks’ in these uncertain times and our council should do the same.

These are just some of my ideas, what council spending would you add to the list of items you could live without rather than have the Rate Increase?  Send through your idea I’ll add them to the list (anonymously if you  prefer).

Its’ worth noting most people want their rubbish removed, streets safe and clean, lower rates, good libraries and swimming pools and the basics covered, what expenditure do you think could be railed in to achieve the necessities ?

Over to you…..

Sign off

just a reminder, the next council meeting is 5/2/14. 6pm.

PS did anyone get an acknowledgment that their submission re the rate increase had been received? I’m hoping mine in counted in the 3,+++ council says they received but didn’t get an acknowledgement 😦


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