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Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)I thought I’d pop in and say hi to all those who are returning to work next week or those who already have returned. I understand how busy life is and I encourage you to drop by my page from time to time to see what is happening in our council. I am pleased to see my regular readership is increasing and I welcome everyone to share their opinion just as I share mine.

Liverpool council spends your rates money and it is important you know where it is going and are happy with the way it is being spent.

To that end I cannot encourage you enough to voice your views on the proposed rate increase, whether you agree or disagree council needs to hear from you. If you are pressed for time there is a survey on line, its not great but you can have a say,  http://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/growing-liverpool-2023-special-rate-variation-srv Better still if you can spare a few minutes and write to the council and tell them why or why not a rates increase is justified and how you feel about it. Liverpool City Council. Locked Bag 7064 Liverpool NSW 1871, or email ceo@liverpool.nsw.gov.au or call 1300 36 2170 and speak to the lovely customer service staff who will note your concerns.

It strikes me many of us have not had a pay increase in a long time and with job prospects and certainty not guaranteed  many of us are far from feeling secure in committing additional funds when so many areas in council could already be trimmed. Sadly it’s the blatant disregard for our rates money that has me reeling so often in this blog and I do sincerely believe there are ways our Councillors could be more considerate of the impost.

A Question? Is seeing the mayor constantly front and centre in both the local papers  more like self promotion than much else? While it could be said ‘he’s’ promoting Liverpool, to Liverpudlians ????, where are our other elected 10 councillors? Is our #powermadmayor going it alone?  are his views the only ones that count? OR is this a clever ploy to convince the public that he alone is the savour of our city, thereby ensuring his return in 2016? I would think the other 10 might have a view on this or appreciate a moment in the sun to sing their own praise. What do you think?  Is this again a cost (self promotion in a number of papers instead of genuine engagement) you feel justified?

I attend the council meetings and while from time to time there is a flurry of  verbal self promotion. Decisions made by Liverpool Councillors should be seen as a merging of ideas and a defined need to serve the people who elected them. I am the first to say that the present majority is anything but open to the views of others but are the others in the majority being given the bums rush when it comes to public  recognition?

I have heard that the issue of the CEO’s continued employment  will again rise at the forthcoming council meeting 5/2/14 ? I am very keen to see if the Division of Local Government is genuinely there to oversee the smooth running of local councils or will it  be turning a blind eye to the many issues raised by residents who have written to them  when it comes to the operation/management  of Liverpool City council. I am hopeful that we the community will be well served and that we are not thrust into a situation where egos cost us in the vicinity of $241,150 in severance pay and that employment openings don’t in themselves provide ‘jobs for the boys’ at our cost. Time will tell I guess – I do however have my ‘fingers crossed’  for the community and that our needs will be paramount. I am also very keen to know what it is the present CEO has done to deserve the wrath of our #powermadmayor and why or what is so important to leave many staff insecure about their future when the CEO’s position so tenuous?

For  now that’s about it, Council is again hosting the Australia Day event on the 26th, I will post more details shortly and while there are arguments for and against Australia Day celebrations,  it is in my opinion a day where we can come together and celebrate a positive future,  where we can focus on what we can achieve together not what divides us.

Until then, be well and please don’t hesitate to make comment… a quick thanks to Peter Harle for his comments regarding the New Year celebrations, sadly his was the only received but I’ve posted it for your information.

Sign off


2 Responses to Welcome to my 2014 blog

  1. Peter Harle says:

    With reference to media comments; Previously all Councillors were given the opportunity to contribute towards a Councillors’ Column (on a rotational basis), similar to that of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. That privilege was withdrawn by the Liberal Councillors late last year and replaced with a policy that allows only the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to each write a column. Also, as a first, the Mayor has similar columns in several ethnic newspapers, all funded by ratepayers. I suppose if your political party is effectively in charge of the “purse strings” it’s easy to manipulate it to your advantage.

    • Signe says:

      thanks Peter, spending rate payers money when in majority seems tobe the done thing… clearly they didn’t ask those paying those rates….or for that matter other Councillors. Oh how things have changed now the boot is on another foot, I remember the hoohaa about washing the Mayors car, all that was reversed pronto too but its a long list. Plus of course this mayor needs a personal ‘advisor’…. group leaders and executive aren’t enough and we’re paying over $100,000 for the privilege I hear. Interesting when the previous mayor couldn’t even get a full time assistant isn’t it? Plus some of those Group leaders and executive are earning big bucks too. Lucky I guess we have deep pockets, hmmm hang on, no we don’t we need more money that’s why we’re being asked to cough up more rates money….amazing what they think they can get away with when no one is watching. Well guess what I am and nice to know you’re as conscious of it as well.

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