Liverpool’s Christmas Reception

I am just back from the Christmas reception hosted by the Mayor and councillors…

christmas receptionFor me it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with some of Liverpool’s finest, a beautiful location in the gardens of the historical and gorgeous TAFE building and some great company. While not all the councillors were in attendance the mayor took the opportunity to highlight the debacle that was called a council meeting last night, possibly poor taste under the circumstances however relatively forgettable.

christmas reception 1

That aside councils civic officer Alison and her small staff achieved and hosted a really lovely event. Talented young musicians, good food by a local chef  and only one speech.

It’s events like this that highlight the outstanding people who make up our city, from the indigenous elders like Aunty Norma, Uncle Steve and others, to the numerous volunteers and organisations who work so diligently in our city, some of our local business identities as well as some of the corporate giants representatives who have recently moved to Liverpool, all standing along side some of our amazing council staff many of whom are no doubt still reeling from the previous evenings events. christmas reception

It’s not until you are in the company of these amazing people you realise how much Liverpool has going for it, diligent, caring and dynamic people who work in and with our community every day…. many of whom were completely unaware of the shambles created by the mayor and his associates only 24hrs prior.

What would have been a nice end to a busy year will now be the second last event, once the council meeting is held on Monday. Fingers crossed the ego’s that led to last nights council ‘almost’ meeting are put on hold and the focus returns to the people of Liverpool and its amazing future…let’s face it, the people here tonight deserve it, they give their all and need a council who puts them and all the residents and businesses first. An obvious absence was the CEO, who no doubt is himself reeling from the council meeting.

Having been present during the attacks and nastiness I wrote extensively of when the late Phil Tolhurst was being forced/harangued  out of Liverpool, one wonders if this is a case of history repeating itself…I’ll know more on Monday, so watch this space, as always you’ll know what I know when I know it.

Have a lovely weekend I’ll check in with you again on Monday or Tuesday.


Sign off




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