Open letter to the Productivity commission and the Governments

signe-westerberg-headshotsfav-78-of-102-21The declarations yesterday by the productivity commission got me thinking and a little bit angry, below is the result….



Dear Sirs,

May I say I am horrified that those who hold prestigious and physically easy roles in life could quite easily imagine sitting on their duff well into their senior years, make such pronouncements. That however is not the case for everyone, be they a builder, roofer, postie, or any person holding a more physically demanding job.

That aside, I think we need to address some of the more important issues you have failed to embrace.

1) Not everyone is physically capable of maintaining their job into their 70’s, even if they wanted to.

2) Having worked in excess of 50 years should pretty much entitle an older person to a nice retirement after all they’ve paid taxes for those 50 + years.

3) Even though we live longer now we are still consumers, creating need for products and services, we don’t sit at home waiting for death.

4) After working hard for 50+ years some of us through circumstances we could not foresee are unable to completely support ourselves into our dotage and may need some of our taxes back to see us through to death… ie, divorce, support of others, disabled  etc.

5) We are basically an ageist society; once you pass the magic 45 securing full time work becomes increasingly difficult no matter how much one wants it.

6) Here is the biggie: In some areas of our society i.e. Sth Western Sydney there is 20+% youth unemployment… these young people are unable to find work and with the extensive cuts to TAFE etc cannot even be placed in affordable technical/further  education.

7)  Often time’s young people are more readily able to embrace the future sustainable technologies we need to move towards as they aren’t locked into older thinking.

So here’s the rub…. the average senior may be expected to work until their seventies…i.e. 5 additional years of income tax… WHILE A YOUNG PERSON could be paying income tax for in excess of 60 years. Fiscally which makes more sense?

Additionally, if we keep these young people unemployed who is going to pay for their retirement? They won’t own homes and won’t inherit them as you want the present oldies  to sell theirs to support themselves as they age.

I am tired of narrow short term fixes put forward by those who will probably never struggle a day in their lives, who were educated by the government when education was pretty much free. Those same who worry more about building themselves a pay packet and a hefty retirement than consider those less fortunate.

Please don’t go all ‘I’ve worked hard all my life on me either’, so have many, many others and circumstances are not always kind.

The abhorrence I feel for not equipping our young to have a good future full of promise and hope, disgusts me on so many levels. Our young people will not have a bright and happy future unless we (you know the oldies you want working forever or at least until we die) move over and provide them with the opportunities that were afforded us.

One of the problems I see is that once upon a time most politicians came from the worker ranks and did so because they felt it could be better; nowadays we have elitists who rise to politics to further themselves not their fellow workers. Of course there are exceptions to this, I know a few, but just have a look at the present bunch of pollies, many educated free or nearly free  and are now responsible for moving education far beyond the reach of our youth today. Yes Mr O’Farrell I’m looking at you…but you are not alone, sadly that disease is spreading on all levels in all states across this country.

With our Government(s)  being run by backward thinking, election term planning, climate denying Neanderthals we need the people to stand up…


This is my first step.


Kind regards

Sign off



Signe Westerberg (Mrs)


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