well – interesting (maybe) nah LCC Councillors run amok

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)Councils Extraordinary meeting tonight was a complete joke, one topic, numerous absentees, a very late start (tks to the Mayor not arriving on time) dissension in the ranks and ultimately a rescission motion. All on your rate payer dollars.

I have been asked why was this meeting called by several residents, especially as  there was one matter for discussion only, a bunch of CBD related tenders… nothing else.  WITH another meeting due at the end of the month and it appears no real urgency other than perhaps slipping it through when no one was expecting it or paying attention.

Cllr Hadchitti (I know, a surprise to me too) argued that the Councillors deserved more information before having to vote, supported by half those present… and that would have been the outcome had not Cllr Mamone arrive considerably late and support the Mayor (as she always does). The outcome a rescission motion- so no outcome at all… we will either have another Extraordinary meeting or perhaps it will wait until the scheduled meeting. All this to approve tenders for work on some key areas, including the CBD and Bigge Park. You may remember thousands of dollars and man hours were spent on a truly lovely master plan for Bigge Park about 18mths or so ago, including public consultation  and all that has been scrapped and we’re paying for a re do. arghhhh!!!!

One might  think this council was dollar rich wouldn’t they? All the while on the other hand they  (the majority Councillors and the GM) are asking the community to approve the reinstatement of the 9% special levy ( council TAX)  and a 2.5% two year addition levy ( council TAX)….

It strikes me they should start considering how they spend and waste our rates money  BEFORE THEY ASK FOR MORE! As I mentioned in a previous post much to do was had about the impost of the Carbon Price and its impact on the budget, right there they will be saving if all they said were true according to last years constant reminders, thousands and thousands of dollars. Even though power companies are already saying that is unlikely 😦

I cannot ask strongly enough that you spend a little time checking out what is happening IN YOUR COUNCIL…. comment, find out more and speak up or you will be paying more and more. Whether you agree with me or not… you must speak up.

I don’t know about you but I AM TIRED OF THE WASTE, paying consultants for information and simply scrapping it IS NOT THE BEST USE OF MY RATES MONEY, trips to expensive locations for training IS NOT THE BEST USE OF M Y RATES MONEY, trips to America to look at cities IS NOT THE BEST USE OF MY RATES MONEY, extraordinary meetings where half the Councillors don’t even show up and there is no outcome IS NOT THE BEST USE OF MY RATES MONEY.  I also wonder what it cost us to remove the previous bankrupt Director… did we pay a penalty for our failure to vet our candidates better? Where did the buck stop with that disaster… the GM or who? I could go on but I think you get the drift.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Liverpool, you may have voted this council in, but is this what you expected? I think not and you must speak up if you expect more/better, you must demand it.

Of course this is how I see it, if you feel differently please speak up, if you’re happy to keep supporting the waste, say so, add your reasons, share your view but please don’t just sit there and hope it will get better because nothing I’ve seen indicates that it will.

Sign off


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