CPAC and the Intermodal

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)What a beautiful day it was today, sun shining, happy fathers everywhere…what more could you ask?

I went along to the No Intermodal/save CPAC rally today, and was delighted to see large numbers of people gathering to support the Powerhouse. What was sad was the misinformation that was being bandied about, seems to me the Liberals feel that scaremongering is a normal way of existence… but if they don’t create the dire situation that the Powerhouse will be demolished, how can they then come along in a couple of years and claim saving it… because quite frankly I’ve not heard any information from any reputable source that indicated the Powerhouse building itself is under threat. I understand that the proposed rail bridges are a real concern, especially in the grade at which they will be installed, and this is unacceptable…. if they are too low semi trailers for exhibitions and productions would be unable to access the powerhouse and heaven forbid even Q & A couldn’t get in. There are genuine concerns about the impact of the bridges on the park lands and of course the ever present concern that the people and river will be the big losers in this whole thing.

This was supposed to be a politics free event. I was assured this by the Curator, but even the naive would not be surprised to know that from the ‘get go’ the Mayor went on a public endorsement trip for his colleagues in Werriwa and Hughes. Sadly this was the case in 2010 as well, another intermodal event that pretty much endorsed the then hopeful candidate Craig Kelly.

I was standing in the crowd near Alison Megarrity and felt her rage as the Mayor made statements that bore little resemblance to fact and her frustration that we’d been assured that it was not to be a political event.

After much encouragement from the crowd Alison was allowed to speak then further demands allowed the other candidates in the crowd to present their views as well… I’d like to thank those who demanded the Greens be given a voice ( I am buoyed by the support of Fowler Greens Candidate Benjamin Silaphet for his attendance and support, even though he was not afforded the opportunity to speak), after all in many ways we’ve been the lone voice for noise walls and the scaling down of the intermodal site and have done so for over 10 years now. Alison was also interviewed on ABC where she was able to outline what she had been doing on the situation for almost the same length of time and how the community had rallied against the Holsworthy airport together without the political theatrics .

I was heartened when I finished by the number of residents who sought me out to discuss the situation further and thank me for my comments… the misinformation abounds and helping them understand the scope of the proposals, how they will impact on the community and the environment. I am not so naive that I did have prepared an information sheet for the community on Mr Abbott’s real intentions for the intermodal and will post the links below for your information and the reverse side of the document that  questioned Mr Kelly’s support within his party.

I have been fortunate to have the support of Senator Rhiannon as she has been a huge supporter of the noise mitigation for the community of the links who are not only being hammered by the continual noise of the rail but that of the M5 as well. She regularly calls for updates to ensure she knows exactly where we are at in relation to both the noise walls and the Megamodal and to offer assistance where she can.

130830 leaflet Craig Kelly intermodal and Letter Abbott Office

IMG_3467 IMG_3468 IMG_3469 IMG_3470 IMG_3471

thanks to the lovely Trish for taking these photo’s they just arrived in my in box 11.45pm… dedication and support and excellent timing, how lucky am I ?


6 Responses to CPAC and the Intermodal

  1. D says:

    I am disgusted that Craig Kelly’s party have put up a giant banner at the entrance to Liverpool which states “Say NO to Labor’s Moorebank Intermodal, Vote Liberal” . How can he be allowed to advertise these words when his party is on record for saying that they support it?

    • Signe says:

      I Damien, I too am disappointed at the level of misleading information being given to the community, especially on the Intermodal and now CPAC, there is no indication it is to be removed/demolished anywhere I can find and I checked with Keirsten and she has no info to that suggests it either.I think we deserve better!

      Truth in advertising must not be required in political advertising it seems.

      You are a local, you no doubt saw the piece in the paper earlier this year having Mr Abbott again support the megamodal and suggest the residents should be compensated for the increase in traffic on our roads… good enough…not by half. (Sadly I am unable to locate the actual news item even after extensive searching, one of the times I wished I”d cut it out of the paper and kept it)

      BTW the fact that the government also plans to sell off their facility has me very concerned that what we are being told and promised will be lost in the sale…we need a real seat at the table.. we have many questions and very very few answers.

      Thanks for your comment

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