Great people, positive vibe

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)Meeting people has always been one of my favorite things, with the outstanding weather at the moment, chatting with people as I drop off leaflets has to be an amazing use of time.

So far people have all been positive and supportive, although being a weekday not as many are at home as I would meet on the weekend. We’re not going crazy with the signs this election, there are a few out, but I refuse to compete with my opponents. Really all that plastic is just not me, we will however attempt to make sure that every school on election day has a reminder that the Greens are a viable and genuine choice this election. With the absurd comments coming from the opposition leader at the moment, in so many ways he’s doing our job for us… $200 for heterosexual marriages… you have to be kidding, buying boats, really. If we’re going to prop up another countries economy I can think of  better ways.


At the end of the day I have faith that the Australian voter will make the best choice.

For anyone in doubt of our (The Greens)  effectiveness as a party, ask yourself, if Adam Bandt is not achieving his goals for Melbourne why in the devil would both old parties preference each other ? If you really want genuine change and a real voice in this coming parliament, think outside the square, voting Greens  into the house of Reps will certainly have your voice heard… go on I dare you 😛  Then as a safety measure Vote Greens 1 in the senate – you really can make a difference.

Have a great day, maybe I will see you at tomorrow nights council meeting. You get to watch them throw more of your rates money at parking investigations, another $120,000 on top of the consultants that were engaged over the last 4 years… after all its not their money they’re throwing around, its yours, but wait theres’ more………..

Sign off


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