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It is a while since I posted, not because nothing is happening or that I don’t have an opinion, we know that’s not true, but simply because I’ve been off and running with the upcoming election.

So this is a quick catch up….not only do I have the pleasure of being the candidate for Hughes but I’m also working with my colleague Craig in all aspects of the election and wow what a task. When you go to the polls on the 7th, take a few minutes to understand what has happened to get you there.

As you know I’ve been voting for some time, I used to walk in, fill out the ballot paper and leave and think not much more about it, as I dare say do most people until the result is published… well let me be the first to say ‘ there is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more involved. Once the party of your choice chooses the candidate, there are dozens of steps that take place simply to get that candidate listed on the ballot paper, let alone the organisation of leaflets, sign boards and the plethora of materials some of the parties engage in and with to get your attention. You will notice we Greens keep it a little more low key in the burbs, recognising that Liverpool has restrictions on where a sign board can be placed, totally ignored by some candidates but not by us, we tend to be very mindful of the waste involved with elections….the enormity of the waste boggles my mind but if we don’t adhere to some of the traditions people tend to think we’re not running candidates. FTR the Greens are running candidates in every seat in the country and I encourage you to check them out, the thing I am confident about is these candidates know their policies and won’t do a Diaz, I know they will engage with you in conversation and that you will be impressed with their dedication and passion in bringing you their message.

Last Friday a group of my colleagues and I stood outside the Medicare office chatting with locals about the need for dental health care to be included in Medicare an initiative we started in the last parliament. What was most interesting were the misconceptions that people have about not only our policies but what was achieved in the last parliament. Whether or not you like a political party or not is irrelevant, it’s what they achieve whilst there that matters. I’ll give you a small challenge… make a list of what was built/created during the Howard years and another list of things built/ created during the last 6.  You can list them with a positive tilt or just a list but really consider it, and if you’re game share it… I think you’ll be surprised. The other thing I found pretty interesting was the comments about how bad a minority government is… people were stunned when I told them that much of Europe works effectively and efficiently in minority governments and the thing that impresses me most is that once elected, all the members represent their constituency by debating and discussing the matters of the day.  I would be most ticked off if I voted LP in this country, even though nearly half the population elected them into their seats, they refused to represent the views of their community on many many occasions, preferring to talk down the government and embracing the word opposition rather than represent their constituency as they were elected to do.

On other matters… this week and next there will be Meet the candidate (MTC) forums, on Wednesday the Leader has invited the candidates from Fowler to Mounties to meet with the community and ask questions…your opportunity to find out about the individual asking for your vote. At the same time I will be in Menai the eastern side of Hughes doing the same and I ask that you consider attending either of the events to find out about the candidates…well most of them, to date the Liberal party candidates have been a NO SHOW but who knows they might want to share their policies and answer your questions… time will tell.

The following Wednesday is the Council meeting at the Francis Greenway Centre and the Thursday is another MTC at the Club Liverpool RSL in George Street, being hosted by the Migrant resource centre… so please come along, ask questions and bring an open mind, you might be surprised by what you hear.

On the first is another opportunity to hear from candidates at the CPAC rally, there will be more about this I’m sure in this week’s paper.

Small Business to big to ignore Tonight I attended the ‘Small business is to big to ignore’ campaign’ at Cronulla where the candidates of Cook and Hughes were given the opportunity to speak, At the end  of the program I was advised another was in Liverpool Wednesday morning , yep tomorrow….sadly a very early dentist appt prevents me from attending and the late notice may make it unlikely that Candidates Benjamin Silaphet or Daniel Griffiths can make it,  however when you see the sign you’ll be able to ask why weren’t all the candidates invited? Sad but with many events where the Liberal Party simply don’t show up it’s a shame we didn’t get an invite on this one as we would have  🙂 More pictures of tonight’s program on my Facebook page.



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