Signe – Greens Candidate for Hughes.

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)Kevin Rudd two days ago  announced the election date of September 7th.

Late last week FLG  had the pleasure of advising our local press that the local Fairfield Liverpool Greens members had pre-selected our team to contest the upcoming election. I am delighted to say that  Daniel Griffiths was pre-selected to stand in Werriwa and Benjamin Silaphet for Fowler, a seat I contested 3 years ago… Ben is an outstanding young man who brings enormous energy and engagement in our electorate and I am so excited to say he’s our candidate. Daniel is a great campaigner and will be an enormous asset for the residents of Werriwa,  both bringing much enthusiasm and passion.

I am thrilled to say that I have been selected to represent Hughes, the electorate east of the Hume Highway  an area I’ve been consistently working in over the last many years with the residents as they oppose the mega Intermodal, when working to Save Coopers Paddock and in protecting the Georges River. We are now faced with the possibility of the Federal Government compulsorily acquiring large clumps of the Casula Park lands in order to make it happen. (more as it comes to hand)  Of major concern is that much of this is progressing and the EIS hasn’t even been completed.

There is much that our residents should be concerned about, whether you vote for a specific party come hell or high water or whether events of recent times have left you disillusioned and somewhat politically homeless, all I can ask is, what those of you who read my posts know I ask all the time, get to know who the candidates are personally, not just their party affiliations, their ability to quote slogans  and their political alliances, scrutinise them (us), find out about them, what involvement they’ve had in the community, make sure they aren’t just names on a ballot paper, read their policies not just media opinion,  you deserve better than that, our suburbs deserve better than that. I am happy to answer questions and be researched, Google, read my blogs, check out the local papers whatever it takes to know who you are voting for.

I am proud of my ongoing commitment to standing up for what is right.  I am delighted with the direction the Greens have taken to support single parents and the unemployed, I am proud that we fight for better educational and health outcomes, that marriage equality is a right  and I stand behind our desire to treat asylum seekers with respect and dignity. More over I am proud of the Greens vision for our community and our environment for the long term future not just three years.

If you have a clear Green path, please volunteer to help out, 33 (now 31) days isn’t a lot of time to organise booth workers, pre-polling workers and people to knock on doors with the candidates… I know our teams would be thrilled with the help.

I will continue to keep you up to date as information comes to hand… whether it about a local issue or a candidate forum, when I know, so will you.


Sign off


2 Responses to Signe – Greens Candidate for Hughes.

  1. Ray Van says:

    what about death duties?

    • Signe says:

      Good question, until you have over $5 million Ray they don’t and wont affect you at all…its been a while call again 🙂

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