NO to Coal Seam Gas Rally

28.7.13 NO CSG Rally at Warragamba DamToday I had the absolute pleasure of joining  60 or so people from approximately  11 different groups, inform,  advise and share information with visitors at the Warragamba Dam visitors centre. Dozens of people signed petitions, asked questions and took away information about the impacts of Coal Seam Gas mining. The relevance of  doing this at the Dam  highlighted the impacts of mining on our water ways, the impacts on our future water supplies and the irreversible damage being done to rivers, rivulets, and water tables across the state and the country. Living on the driest continent on the planet, listening to the health impacts on communities in countries  who traveled this road before us, the only clear message we need to get out is that NO CSG mining should be near our water ways, on our farm land or anywhere close to where people live. The risks are too high and that’s only the ones we know about, in the US everyday some new impact is being brought to the fore, illnesses never seen in communities are now common place.


The downside for me was that I, for the first time in a number of years didn’t participate in the National Tree day put on by Liverpool Council.  I understand that some Councillors made an appearance and much was achieved by the diligent and committed community members and some children’s groups who attended and dug in. Hoorah to all of you,  I plan to walk over to the site tomorrow and see your amazing efforts. Well done!!!


With so much happening around the country and so many things we as a community have to be aware of  I would also like to ‘tips me lid’, to those who attended the two Asylum seeker support events today, one in the city and another at St Mary’s.  It is such a shame we can’t be in two or three places at once but heartwarming that so many do so much to raise awareness.

Don’t forget this coming Wednesday is the council meeting at the Francis Greenway Centre at 6pm. There is a plan on exhibition regarding Lt Cantello reserve we should all look closely at and make a submission. Check the council on Exhibition page and make a comment.


Have a great week….will see you out and about this fabulous city.


Sign off



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