Inspiring young women

23.7.13 Speakers and students at Save our TAFESI had the great pleasure yesterday to attend the Warwick Farm Hub to listen to some great speakers all with one goal, one passion… to save our TAFE’s.

I waited to share with you the fabulous photo of these inspiring women and the great speakers of the TAFE Alliance and to share with you the outstanding efforts they put forward in order to raise awareness of the plight to save local outreach programs and TAFE Courses across the State.


These amazing people are the embodiment  of what can be achieved when access to study is in the hands of caring and experienced professionals. I can’t help but worry about the possibilities if the State Governments proposed changes are installed and competition for clients outweighs the pursuit of education.

Thank you to these amazing people for what they do and continue to achieve and I ask that everyone of us spends a little time raising awareness of the risks of what will be lost if the changes are enacted in the coming months. How many people will not be able to access further education when the proposed increases to programs, access to local TAFE’s is removed and privatisation of this essential service come into play?

For more information, MLC John Kaye has some amazing informative  pamphlets so don’t’ hesitate to call me or email and I’ll send them on to you.

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