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Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)As anyone who reads this blog knows I attend all regularly scheduled council meetings,  to do so with an informed and clear view of the proceedings I actually read the business papers when they become available… mostly on the Friday afternoon preceding the meeting –  A habit I wish more Councillors partook of…especially considering they have the benefit of receiving them earlier and briefing sessions to explains any  nuances.

A quick look through this weeks papers makes me smile… you see Cllr Hadchiti is seeking funding for a schools fete, a private school that holds some great regular events for their students and families… what gives me hope is that if Council approves the $5,000 fund request and the installation of a council stall at this fete,  I will be contacting all the local schools suggesting they contact Councillor Hadchiti and do the exact same thing. Fair is Fair !!!  I am a little concerned about the possible budget blow out considering we have over 70 schools in our LGA and at $5,000 a piece we might see a dint in the infrastructure/events budget, but what’s good for one will not doubt be supported for all. Considering the additional time I will have on my hands shortly I can see this as fun project as  I’ve worked in a few schools and the idea of a $5,000 fund boost will see some great inclusions over the LGA some great events and equality of participation is always fun.

I notice Cllr Ristevski is resigning from another committee, shame considering there was so much enthusiastic engagement from them in the first instance (I am being facetious) and attendance by some has been less than 50% I”m sure his Liberal colleagues will rally to fill the void.

To also remind Cllr Ristevski that when they call for the writing off of debt, less is more.. not the other way around.- (remembering last years confusion.:-) )

Assuming all the proposed changes to engagement  are carried by Councillors we can hear  the death knell call for community forums, the number held will be reduced and the locations changed regularly… creating this inconsistency will surely have numbers fall and the justification for cancelling them completely handled. OF course I hope I”m wrong here as I love the interaction with the community through these forums, but since the move from Mill Road to the Council chambers the numbers have fallen slightly… but there are a few diligent and committed residents and my hope stands eternal that they will continue and flourish. Sometimes being wrong is ok, especially if the outcome I predict is incorrect.

I like Cllr Stanley s call for a clean up of Light horse park,  considering how highly it rated in the engagement strategy it may just get done – woohoo. Such a significant part of Liverpool’s History.

Nice to see some of the communities comments were actioned in the responses to the draft Strategic, Delivery and Operations plans, an enormous amount of work goes into these by staff and sadly comparatively not a lot of response from the community in return. Some responses were clearly better than others, I guess its perspective!

New access to information and interaction with Staff policy is necessary considering the diverse range of group/team leaders now employed, some may have slightly more direct access considering past acquaintances but nice to see it outlined – again.

Lastly my personal favorite, Item NOMO 02 put forward by  Cllr Hadchiti, who along with his colleagues  made many attacks on the previous Mayor for her column content in the local papers wants his moment in the sun oops mean Leader/Champion… he would like reinstated the addition of a Mayors column and a Councillor column  to the local papers. What a hypocritical turn of events… he was part of the barrage of nastiness that lead to the removal of the Mayor and Councillor columns in the first place. Seems now things have changed, there is a Liberal Mayor and a Liberal majority and he’d like to spread his wings into the public arena  and its now not enough to address local papers but to engage with the wider ‘ethnic’ community- well councillor, its a nice idea, and it was when the previous mayoral column appeared, then at I believe her own expense it continued… so my suggestion is, if its good enough for one Mayor then its good enough for all… by all means have as many columns as you are prepared to pay for yourself…after all that was basically the decision foisted upon Cllr  Waller so she could continue to communicate with the residents.

Still lots more to read that is just a quick outline of some of the items, of course there are development issues and all but that will take a closer look over the weekend.

Anything of real interest I’ll let you know or simply pop on line to and  have a read for yourself…

happy weekend all…

Sign off

Note the council meeting this month is on the 26th at 6pm at the Francis Greenway Centre


2 Responses to Business Papers –

  1. Signe says:

    I received this email from Councillor Ristevski and he asked that I post his response…as is always the case I’ve copied it in its entirety:

    Hi Signe

    Hope your well.

    I noticed I was recently criticised in your blog for resigning from another committee. I would like to set the record straight and hope you will post this in your blog.

    I have recently been appointed to two additional committees 1. CBD revitalisation committee 2. CEO performance review committee.

    I wanted to be fair and give the other councillors an opportunity to participate in the committees. I wast being lazy or shirking my responsibilities as a councillor. Far from it. I sit on a lot of council committees and am one of the more progressive councillors. Maybe you should look deeper into how many committees each councillor sits on.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Councillor Peter Ristevski
    Liverpool City Council
    33 Moore Street, Liverpool NSW 2170

    Phone: (02) 9299 7000| Mobile: 0488 927 927 | Fax: (02) 9790 3029

    • Signe says:

      As you see I am always happy to post comments and I note Cllr Ristevski inclusion in the economic committee, sadly in keeping with what is becoming the norm for many he was an apology. That said in attendance was Cllrs Ned Mannoun, Peter Harle, Gus Balloot, Geoff Shelton, ,Mazhar Hadid and Sabrina Mamone. It can’t be said I don’t give credit where due. .. especially when I note and comment on attendance or lack thereof. Kudos to the staff for the effort and work involved in presenting considerable data and documentation.

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