Code of Meeting changes NO!

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)As I mentioned a week or so ago, there are some proposed changes  to the code of meetings procedures that concern me greatly and I believe they should concern all of us here in Liverpool. I have attached my submission for you to read and hopefully it will inspire you enough to write as well. This will take more than one submission to stop, this is the time when you putting pen to paper is a necessity. We didn’t have to opportunity to stop the Mayors Liberal CBD Committee changes, its purview and/or the ability to spend our rates money or TIF (town improvement funds) without checks and balances… we cannot allow this to happen as well.

If you’ve never written a submission to Councillor before, don’t worry it doesn’t have to be a big formal letter, simply quote the reference number and make your point or view  known. If it helps feel free to use my wording as a guide, but the more personal you make it the better.

Changes like this usurp our democratic rights and procedures and they cannot be considered acceptable regardless of who puts it forward. It’s not that long ago the present majority went to enormous lengths to reduce the Mayors role in Liverpool, upon election they immediately removed those barriers… fair enough considering they were a dreadful political ploy in the first place. BUT to allow any one Councillor such power IS NOT ACCEPTABLE… whether he is the Mayor or not.

click here: 12.6.13 18.1 18.4 code of meeting changes

If you only write to council once this year, this is the time to do it, way to much money is directed from the floor of council as it stands now, allowing the Mayor these changes opens the door to what next?

I do not believe Liberal voters want this any more than anyone else. Checks and Balances at ALL Times.

Finally: A comment on last nights Rural Forum, council staff presented the N.S.W Govt white paper and proposed changes to the community, thank you to them all.

I think they were a little surprised at the length and breadth of knowledge residents have and the many many concerns some of these proposed changes could inflict on our communities not only now but decades into the future. More on this before the deadline for submissions but it’s time we the people spoke up.

Imagine this: You’re in your nice warm single level dwelling and unbeknownst to you changes installed now will mean that anytime down the track you could be lost in a sea of high rise without the ability to comment, object or voice an opinion, you may not even know its happening until the bricks are delivered, because the changes being made now will be your last opportunity…. IMO this document is being written with the express desires of the developers in mind, forget us, the little guy because if we don’t speak up now, the opportunity will be lost forever.  Developers will not only make sure they comment and have their needs forefront but they have the money to have it done professionally and enmass…  This is an issue I will write more about over the coming days/weeks but I strongly suggest we as a community unite just as the developers and entrepreneurs will. Community input is being sought now and may well be your only opportunity to do so. 😦


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