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Ned Mannoun

Ned Mannoun

How do you feel about Liverpool City council donating $25,000 to the Wanderers foot ball team?

Tomorrow night an item goes up to council for LCC to formally donate $25,000 (with some perks listed)

** from Page 404 of the business papers:

Community and events 
· Two (2) opportunities to integrate Western Sydney Wanderers (WSW) community 
initiatives such as Football Expos and Clinics into major Liverpool City Council 
Festivals and/or Events 
· One(1) opportunity for a major business function to be held in Liverpool, with WSW 
guests Lyall Gorman and head coach Tony Popovic to attend (WSW will extend an 
invite to current and future major partners, including its major sponsors NRMA 
Insurance and Westfield). 
· Five (5) general admission tickets to each home match at Parramatta Stadium 
(Asian Cup League matches not included across the 2013/14 season. 
· Six (6) red category memberships for the 2013/14 season (Asian cup league 
matches not included). Red category memberships are the highest level of 
membership and include Premium reserve seats and a range of other discounted 
offers via the club’s membership program)  (wonder who’d get these)
Additional inclusions 
· Live site for either the 2013/14 Final Series or Asian Champions League 
· Branding on the WSW website and match day programme 
· Launch of partnership through joint media opportunity 
The Western Sydney Wanderers enjoy both high media exposure as well as strong 
community support through its strong and rapidly expanding fan base across Western 
Sydney. This partnership would provide Liverpool City Council with an opportunity to 
attract media coverage through its association with the Western Sydney Wanderers as 
well as deliver a range of economic and social benefits to the community. 
The partnership aligns closely with a number of Council’s Future Directions including: 
Vibrant Prosperous City, Healthy Inclusive City and Proud Engaged City.** excerpt from Business papers.

This I can only assume is one of the Mayors favourite football teams. (Refer from page local paper some weeks back)

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Wanderers are a great team and do the west proud, but is this appropriate use of our rates money? Would you rather see the money improve a public park that a kid’s team would use, or provide a couple of bus shelters or are you good with the idea?

I know we have a budget for supporting local teams and individuals, we also spend a good deal of money on sporting fields as we should but I am conflicted in that is this donation what we pay our rates money for…donations to a major professional football team?

I am very happy to hear opposing views, bearing in mind we do support the Warwick farm stakes once a year  to about $3,000.

Is this a mere drop in the ocean considering money spent on trips to the US, etc etc?

I am open to views but more over the Councillors should hear them to. As a good number of them read my posts please feel free to comment, telephone them directly or call council on 1300 36 2170 and voice your either support or lack thereof.


Draft docs on public exhibitionAlso don’t forget submissions regarding the Draft plans etc are due this week, don’t’ forget to comment as I’ve said numerous time, if you don’t voice an opinion no one will hear you and your hopes and aspirations will not be enacted upon.


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