CSG on the march again….

http://au.news.yahoo.com/mvideo/national/watch/27e61565_bc6e_3ebc_9e2a_6d62be763baa/coal-seam-gas-back-in-sydney/STOP CSG

Reports in the news item above indicate that Dart energy are on the move again, usurping/bypassing  the 2klm ban by accessing industrial estates across Sydney. Did anyone mention to them that both the water catchment and people are also in those areas?

WE NEED and REQUIRE Liverpool council to completely ban CSG mining in our LGA, Penrith Council voted unanimously and has done so and we’ve tinkered around the edges but we need our council to say LOUD AND CLEAR that CSG mining is not welcome in our Local Government Area. Call your councillor now and let them know this is not acceptable, industrial estate or not, our people and our water are too important.



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