Another Extraordinary Meeting…..?

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)

Seems Liverpool councillors (some that is) can’t get themselves organised… 6 days out from a scheduled council meeting and another extraordinary is called…. clearly either some Sh*t has hit the fan or someone/thing  is failing miserably.

I’d suggest you attend but it’s tonight at 5.45pm and will go into closed session to discuss the failure of the 33 Moore Street fire readiness/tenders and hopefully a  remedy.  Please note I checked the council website early today (as I oft do) and there was nothing. (Not sure what time this was added 😦

I’d also suggest we’ll find out eventually but there is no guarantee of that either… so welcome to mushroom city, where the community is kept in the dark as often is possible. Sadly what was highlighted a few times during the last election term as too many In Confidence sessions is falling fast into a minor hiccup compared to this term of councillors. Maybe it will improve,  just wish I could have some faith it will improve. only time will tell I guess.


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