Where do we fit into this week’s Budget talks?

Signe Westerberg Headshots FAV (26 of 102)Lots of attention has been paid to the Budget this week and the Abbott reply and rightly so, but what has been missed is coverage of the Greens reply. When you sit and wonder where we are headed and knowing the two old parties have lost US on their way to austerity…and given up on a vision for ALL OF US… it might be worth your time to spend 30mins listening to the Greens Budget reply… and please listen with an open mind, not clouded with unjust stereotypes and silly labels. Because now after listening to all 3 budget talks… it seems to me the only party that has the WHOLE NATION in view is the Greens and it’s time the population really listened.


 So in answer to my opening question, for way to many of us, we don’t fit into either Labor’s or the LNP’s budgets at all… if you are an average worker doing his or her normal everyday job, any sense of security is all but gone, if you are a researcher seeking to relieve the pain and suffering of your fellow citizens… you’re pretty much history regardless of the amazing achievements you’ve made. If you are a bank teller and you are realistic… most of your jobs are on a boat, not one seeking asylum  but being shipped overseas to heaven knows where, if you are a public servant, watch your back or a University professor… no certainty there either. God help you if you are unemployed, or old, or trying to raise your kids alone because by both standards, you’re screwed and if by chance you’re reading this from overseas please note this mean spirited uncaring look into our budget isn’t really the view of the everyday Aussie, most of us are just as disgusted as you.

To Gina and her mob sitting on Mount Money, you’ll be fine, seems no one is questioning your value and how many ways to Sunday they can assist you…sadly for the 99% (the rest of us)  you don’t give a stuff.

Dismissing the budget as just politicians trying to justify their jobs or as unimportant could cost you and cost you dearly…


Feel free to tell me where I’m wrong… but at least listen first.


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