Liverpool at its best.

muscle carsOn Saturday night  I had the absolute pleasure of joining the Cancer Council Relay for Life  teams assist the NSW Muscle Car association in the final fund raiser for the year.

Can I acknowledge the absolutely amazing and generous efforts of the Muscle car team and the participants for the night. The manner in which they embraced the fundraiser, the generosity of their bidding at the Auctions etc was inspirational.Relay for Life Cancer Council Logo

I was one of 4 ladies who collected entry money and handed out vehicle entry numbers to the participants and can I say to a person, they were friendly and accommodating while they queued along the road side waiting for directions. The only sadness was those not participating who couldn’t wait the one minute and  chose to drive along the wrong side of the road around us and risked the safety of the numerous pedestrians who wandered between and around the beautiful vehicles.

A big thank you to all who participated, bought raffle tickets and the many sponsors who gave so freely of their merchandise to auction. Makes me ever so proud to be a Liverpudlian !!

Well done all….and thank you for your support.

Sign off



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