Happy Mothers day to all the fab Mums out there

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)Signing off for this week and I wanted to send out some reminders: Most importantly don’t forget to:

One: give your mum a hug, Mother’s day is this Sunday and from experience we don’t want or need gifts, but we do want acknowledgement and love… easy cheap and means the world …

Two; This coming Tuesday at the Forum in Bringelly council will be presenting the Draft Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget with Snr Staff… please come along, listen, take a copy and prepare to comment…this is your opportunity to be involved and offer suggestions and ideas. If you miss this or it’s too far the following Tuesday at the Francis Greenway Centre is likely a repeat performance, as is oft the plan. Please consider the importance your voice brings to the direction council takes:

Three: the council meeting for May is the 29th at 6pm again at the Greenway Centre.

Four: To my Greens friends, we meet this coming Wednesday – all welcome lots to do and chat about.

Things to do: Have a look on line at the councils webpage under on Exhibition, there are a number of things on exhibition of importance… take a few minutes and again have your views heard.

Take note of important issues that affect our council: If there are any rates adjustments for Seniors and pensioners as there has been in Blacktown. What changes are being made and where. How council is going to pay for things around our city, how many times they mention the tenants of 33 Moore Street will fund the repairs and services of the building and the projected income, what and how much did they sell No: 1 Hoxton Park Rd for, what plans councillors have for the TIF fund and where and how they plan to ‘spend’ it.… ????

Lots happening in and around our fabulous city, CPAC has a huge agenda, plenty to see and do.. check the local papers (if you got them this week 😦 ) check out councils website and of course come to the Liverpool Markets Orange Grove Road tomorrow night and check out the amazing Muscle Cars who are kindly donate all the proceeds to the Liverpool Relay for Life and the cancer council.  come and see their amazing cars, buy a raffle ticket and be there for the draw at 8.30pm.


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