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Ned Mannoun

Ned Mannoun

Which dumb decision has required Liverpool Councillors to call an extraordinary meeting for this Wednesday at 1.15pm at the Frances Greenway Centre? A first guess would be the new committee and the Mayoral minute, there was a great (& appropriate) to-do about Process and appropriateness with Ned Mannoun standing up in show of  his  authority and dismissing a call from Anne Stanley… there you go…on further investigations on the council website proves this correct. While I support the position taken by Cllr Stanley and the Labor team -in part supported by Cllr Harle, on the appropriateness of this committee and the mayoral minutes, there use generally and as you’ve  read previously my disgust that such a committee could even exist,  is this of such urgency that the council be called into special session?

What I couldn’t find on the council website was the original Mayoral minute that introduced this in the first place 🙂

The only two council meetings I’ve missed in the last 5 years have been extraordinary (s)… one that cost us our General Manager and one would consider that was extraordinary considering the battering they had given him in open council…with regard to staff/work/unions etc…  

The New questions are: 

  • Is this extraordinary meeting THAT urgent to justify the cost?
  • Could it not have waited until the next scheduled meeting?
  • What is at stake that this needs to be dealt with, with such urgency?
  • Is the inconvenience justifiable?
  • Will there be a quorum?  ( we know attendance at other things hasn’t been a priority)
  • Will sufficient councillors be available (middle of a work day)?
  • Is this another futile exercise given the majority will over rule the minority anyway?

Well Liverpool, only time will tell if your rates dollars are being used to their best advantage, while I’m not privy to the actual cost of holding an extraordinary meeting in a dollar sense…how many of our staff will be taken from their day to day duties to indulge this, will there be peripheral costs that the community will wear and is the time chosen one that encourages open and informed consultation with and in front of the community?

Surely someone out there has a view… an informed view… because let’s face it we’re as usual kept in the dark  and only find out what is spoon fed us by those who consider themselves more important…

Here’s a thought maybe the Mayor who gets a direct feed of my posts emailed to him might want to come on and answer some of the questions, I’d be more than happy to post his response in full…  🙂

from councils website:

That Council rescinds Mayoral Minute Liverpool Urban Revitalisation as debated at its meeting of 27 April 2013.  (Anyone see the error………….the council meeting was actually on the 24th)


Clr Anne Stanley

Clr Geoff Shelton

Clr Wendy Waller

Clr Ali Karnib


4 Responses to Here’s a question for you

  1. Peter Harle says:

    Hi Signe, the error is hopefully a clerical one, most likely caused by transcribing a hand written document to the final typed document, it may be easy to mistake a 4 for a 7? Although all those checking before placing it on the Council Website missed the obvious! Given the frustration of some Councillors attempting to modify that Mayoral Minute without having the “numbers” may have also caused that simple mistake. Just a thought, I would hate to think it was anything else.
    Peter H.

    • Signe says:

      I am sure it was a typo Peter, just would like to think it wasn’t done on a Saturday LOL. The Mayoral minutes may prove to be a problem long term with the proposed changes… I guess only time will tell.

  2. Peter Harle says:

    I received the Mayoral Minute on the same evening as the Council General Meeting. However, I did not have a chance to read it prior to the Council Meeting. A Mayoral minute of such significance, in my opinion, should be given much greater lead time, if that is not possible, then it should be held over for the next scheduled Council meeting. Councillors can then discuss it at the briefing session prior to the next Council meeting. That is the primary reason I spoke so strongly against clause 6 of the motion, there was no time to consider its ramifications.

    • Signe says:

      totally agree Peter… items of such significance shouldn’t be treated so lightly and the arrogance of those pushing through the changes without due consideration is dreadful… at least you got a copy, I still can’t find a copy anywhere, all the gallery got was what was briefly on the screens and unless I’m missing it…it’s still not available on the council pages. The other question I have is that the mayor stated he wouldn’t be going to Great Britain but he didn’t mention whether or not the US trip was on the agenda…any clues?

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