a tid bit of information -ok more than a little information

TCorp logoFor those interested in how Liverpool is fairing in the scheme of things:


TCorp Financial Assessments 

In December 2011, the Division of Local Government (DLG) appointed TCorp to assist DLG and NSW Treasury in respect of the State Government’s Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme (LIRS) initiative. The LIRS initiative seeks to address councils’ ‘Infrastructure Backlog’ by providing councils with an interest rate subsidy on loans to fund infrastructure projects


it is amazing what information can be found with a little help… this states that what we believed was a 250M$ backlog is actually even greater…please note it says 2011.

“Council’s reported infrastructure backlog of $262.8min 2011 represents 24.3%of its infrastructure asset value of $1,081.9m. Other observations include:

 Council’s infrastructure backlog has increased by 46.1% ($82.9m) since 2009

 Public road assets made up 55.0% of the infrastructure backlog and is being partly addressed in one of the two LIRS projects

 Council is not investing sufficient funds on asset renewals to maintaintheirassets in their current condition and this may cause the backlog to increase”

happy reading 🙂

So I can’t be accused of not including additional info this was in the SMH 30/4/13



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