Council meeting and ANZAC Day,

On to the more uplifting of the two topics first.

11.11.11 Slouch Hat Lest we forgetANZAC day for each of us brings with it many memories and as I watch those dedicated and aging diggers walk in the march I cannot help but think of the tragedies and trials they underwent to keep us safe. I’ve read different pieces today about ANZAC day, some uplifting and some downright rude. ANZAC day for me is hugely emotional it is not the glorification of war or suffering it is however a deep and thoughtful reflection of those who travelled across the seas to defend what they thought was right, and care and protect those of us at home. My father never spoke of his tours of duty, he bore a bayonet scar on his side but that is all we knew, when he was younger he would disappear for 2 or 3 days over the ANZAC weekend to catch us with comrades and diggers… we didn’t ask, he didn’t say but it was a ritual that was his alone and that was the only time his combat experiences ever came up as family discussions, mostly by us left at home wondering what he and they were doing. He is long past now and the opportunity to ask the adult questions I have now is lost but to anyone who considers ANZAC day a glorification of war is just wrong. I spend a good deal of the day fighting off tears and when the letters were read out at Sydney’s ceremony on TV last night I cried not only for those recipients of the letters but for those who didn’t get to write  one or read one. War is not good, it is not a celebration and we can never forget the sacrifice of those who cross the seas to fight wars not of their making but of their sense of duty and patriotism.  Politicians make wars it’s the humble soldier, sailor, airman and women and their families who pay the price. A price to high in my opinion but one we should never take for granted. Lest we forget is not just a phrase, it should be a national state… we must never forget what happened in the past and do our utmost to stop it happening again. To those who served and those still serving, thank you for what you do and the duty and honour you represent.  Lest we never forget the price paid. And might we just hold some of our politicians responsible for the senseless losses they inflicted on too many.

To Council: scroll down to agenda’s and business papers  24th April 2013

Council meeting wasn’t such an honourable event, the sadness that comes from observing the arrogance and self righteousness of the now Liberal lead council breaks my heart. I acknowledge they gained the votes what I cannot fathom is that the majority of the people of Liverpool, even those who voted for the change could imagine the manner in which the ‘power’ was being used.  I have seen arrogance in situations of power but the snide and sarcastic manner in which some of our councillors are presenting themselves is disgusting. Mayoral minutes are being used to manipulate/subvert due process and then to make things worse the majority then vote to make that  the norm.  I am a little surprised that Cllr Mannoun as Mayor has become so self righteous and arrogant … I did expect from his lack of experience a time of disquiet and perhaps boasting but his manipulation of his team and their willingness to follow suit is sad, even when a situation is clearly unjust or inappropriate they do the bidding of party above residents. My main thought on leaving as they went into closed session yet again  (even more than in the last council) was “Is this really what those who voted this present council in really expected?”  Labor is merely there now to register their discontent as the Liberals flagrantly exploit their majority, all the while mocking and laughing at the slightly less than 40% who voted against them in the last election.

I was also very disheartened when Cllr Ristevski asked if there was some way that Housing commission/affordable housing  tenancies could not be allowed in new developments. I find this kind of thinking abhorrent to the max and that disparaging any particular part of our community as being less worthy is disgusting. Clearly there is a lot of work to be done if we are actually expecting some of these councillors to represent the entire community not only those of means.

Some Things to note:

  • A new committee is being established to make decisions about the CBD, a 5 member Liberal committee who can make decisions (without going back to open council) at will, a committee that as recent history will show, that will lead to decisions being made by one or two as the lack of commitment of the other councillors to actually show up is clear… then not needing ratification of the entire council will be the norm. As I’ve mentioned previously one of the newest councillors has attended less than 25% of the committees she is supposed to represent the community on.
  • That all councillors may attend all committee meetings, albeit they don’t get to vote they can attend.
  • AND here is the biggie… you the resident may attend all committee meetings if you choose, declared by Mayor Mannoun, this was questioned and confirmed… so if you applied to join a committee and got knocked back or wished you could find out more you can now attend all committee meetings. There was no mention of applying to attend simply that the community could…and for someone like me who is keenly interested in the workings of committees I look forward to attending even more in the future….all I need do now is find out when and where they are being held and as many are held in the rooms across the hall I’m very much looking forward to my new observations. With the declarations of public interaction I’m sure we can expect that committees will be included in the local papers with times and locations so all can,  if they choose participate… I’ll be watching out 🙂
  • That contrary to the GMs obvious wishes the Moorebank Voluntary acquisition program has changes but no return to litigation for those who have ignored the restrictions of the past. Cllr Hadchiti chose to push through his changes without that inclusion. (careful what you wish for I say)
  • The annual Operational and Delivery programs are on public exhibition and copies were placed outside the meeting for those interested on departure. These are important and you the ratepayer s best opportunity to highlight needs and shortcomings of the past and have them rectified in the future.

Things to remember:

  • The draft of the community engagement policy is on exhibition and submissions are due on May 8th
  • The code of Meeting practice is also on exhibition and submissions are due on the 15th May and can be found by clicking on this link:
  • There are other topics on exhibition as well, like the draft conservation management plan and more… just scroll down and please remember to comment…

Lastly there is a new document available for your information regarding the Intermodal’s at Moorebank, this is a document prepared by Narelle & Paul  van den Bos who are traffic management specialists and the information provided is quite stark and confronting.  Click on the link  if you would like to read their views and the possible impacts to you and your family if and when these Intermodal’s are thrust on our community:  soft copy at this link. Thanks to Cllr Peter Harle for sharing this document.

That’s it for me for now, as is clearly stated on the right, these are my personal observations and opinions, if you have a differing one, please share it, I do print all but offensive/rude and advertising comments.

Sign off


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