It’s been a little over a week and I’m still reeling

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Very often it takes me a day or two after a council meeting to comment, there are a couple of reasons for that 1)  is there are a few looking for me to make a blunder and 2) so I can calm down from what is often a very emotive issue for me.

Most of the community goes about their business without any desire to know what council is up to… as long as their garbage is picked up and the rates not excessive… and for a very long time that was me so I get it, with life’s many pressures wondering what your local governing body is up to is a stretch to far…alas I’ve always been interested in front door politics and pretty much most politics but we have reason to be concerned when the things we believe the community were fervently against and vocal about are sold from under our feet anyway. On this I’m referring to the sale of No: 1 Hoxton Park Road our old council chambers location. What has had me wait was the comment to the motion to request the State Government return the land along Chipping Norton Lakes, Woodward Park and ready for it Bigge Park to the control of council (not sure of the technicalities) however   it seems at present we don’t own the land but we have care and control and the GM wants to be able to ‘realise the commercial value of the land”. Now I’m no property developer or planning officer but that sounds very much to me like the council could then potentially do whatever they liked with the land including but not limited to selling portions of it, rezoning or developing it in some way…. what the stuff… I would stand in the way of bulldozers to protect Bigge Park… this historically significant and essential piece of Liverpool (along with Chippo Lakes and Woodward Park) are NOT PRIME real estate awaiting the developers hand or the installation of Commercial enterprise…

I am as you are all aware a member of the NSW Greens and we have a campaign that says NSW is Not for sale…well damn it Now I have one to….Liverpool IS NOT FOR SALE … our public parks, our recreational areas are precious and we need to protect them.. there is a lot to be said for development but with housing blocks getting smaller and smaller and roads the same (gone are the days of cricket on the streets for the kids) we have to be diligent and we need to be mindful, while some land should be redeveloped some shouldn’t and we need to be ready to stand up and say so… and on this it can’t be left to the few it has to be many and if the time comes I will be calling for your help… Our Bigge Park is to precious to lose/lease or commercially develop and a reminder that Council and Councillors work for us and sometimes need to be reminded… and apparently louder than we were with NO: 1.

Also watch and listen out for OASIS 2 … seems what was a great idea some time ago is being resurrected by the new councillors (even though they have consistently hammered the topic negatively in the past) let’s hope it doesn’t’ suffer the same ill-fate as did the first OASIS project … let’s face it as a city we simply cannot afford it… one word of advice, if we’re building a stadium of sorts let’s make it multipurpose.. Something that could accommodate more than just sporting events, more like the entertainment centre than perhaps The West Tigers stadium at Campbelltown as the ongoing costs of a footy field will surely have our meagre dollars stretched beyond reality. As Councillor Hadchiti and Harle remind us, every year our infrastructure back log is growing at approximately 10 million dollars…we’re now at or over  $250M behind… we simply don’t need to add to that with an empty shell of expense.

Also from the council meeting was some sad news..Director of City Strategy, Milan Marecic chose not to apply for his position as director within Liverpool Council… what a sad time this is as we lose some of our most dedicated staff… he joins David Tuxford in pursuing new (happier) interests outside Liverpool. Gentlemen it hasn’t gone unnoticed the dedication and many years you’ve given our council and our community… I would personally like to wish you well while having to admit I wasn’t wishing you farewell…. (There are certainly others I’d prefer leave :-} ) and hope you stay in touch. I’ve  heard the new replacement director has an interesting past (I’ve  heard its number crunching but not accountancy)  …I do  hope to meet him sometime soon and get to know him better, I’ve certainly appreciated the helpful and informed working relationship that developed with Milan & David over the past years . Something I’ve not taken for granted as I know they have  been there for many of our residents as they come to terms with changes in LEP’s etc A quick note of congrats to Julie Hately who did apply and was retained as director of Governance (or whatever her new title is) well done Julie!

I was asked by a resident this week…. how is it that this current Mayor is getting plenty of  Face-space in the local papers when the previous Mayor struggled and got so much flack… if anyone  has the answer  let me know so I can share it… personally I think I know the answer but am open to hearing others views.

Have a good weekend…perhaps I’ll see you out and about in Livo…

Before I forget a big BIG thank you to those who supported the Liverpool Relay for Life on the 23/24 of March, the raffle will be drawn at the Muscle car event in May and I have tickets still available for the fabulous prizes 1)  being the 4 burner BBQ (hooded) with 7 seater barbeque setting [donated by Bunnings], 2) a Pizza Party for 30 people and lots more!!! What Great prizes for a $2 investment.


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