So it started off well and quickly went south….

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)There is something weird going on with the world and it concerns me deeply… what happened to everyone getting a fair go and the old expression ‘live and let live’ ?

I awoke this morning to the sound of birds chirping, a truly pleasant experience and was rudely nudged back into the real world listening to our local councillor on radio 702 advising that Badgerys Creek airport was back on the agenda with WESROC… what the hell… 30 years of opposing the airport is now back on the agenda for community discussion. Is this what happens when there is a dramatic shift in the politics of local councils?

I assure you this is what happens when you vote… remember you do actually get what you vote for and I’m thinking there are a few cockies out west who are starting to question their alliances… well at least I hope so.

STOP CSGTemporary good news on the CSG for locals as the present Premier puts a moratorium on CSG within 2 klms of residential homes, not so much good news for those in rural (Gloucester etc) and urban NSW who aren’t covered by the exclusion and very scary when you know with the record as it is at present this could be overturned just as quickly as it was imposed…but in my opinion we will be seeing more and more of this over the coming months heading to September. Sadly Labor locally are pretty quiet on CSG as in reality they installed the present ridiculous and dangerous situation , I think it would be a bit hard coming out now and crying foul… but they are all over the Toxic waste proposed dumping at Kemps Creek because this is after all a Liberal redistribution of crap out west.

If I sound bitter and a bit twisted on this I am, I don’t believe moving one problem from one place to another is a fix….be it an airport or radioactive waste. I don’t think one group of residents are more entitled to a safe and healthy environment than another and I certainly don’t approve of sneaking things in under the cloak of scare mongering on another issue.

As I’ve said before, what are our Governments, trying to divert our attention from when they put Badgerys creek airport back on the radar… ? sure as hell something is happening, perhaps the railroading (wow wrong choice of word there as very little rail will be involved) development through the Intermodal site at Moorebank. (Australia’s largest inland port)

Then to top things off I hear the police have a major action in Northumberland Street today as Dutch Politician Gert Wilders picks Liverpool to come and spread his hate speech.  An acquaintance recently said “that he says some interesting stuff’ so I quickly reminded them that so did Hitler in the early days and he had lots of followers too… look how well that went.

I cannot fathom racial hate, I cannot fathom discrimination and I won’t stand for it in my home town.

So again I ask the question what happened to a fair go and live and let live…because I am genuinely not seeing a lot of it about at present…over to you…comments welcome!


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