Australia Day


Tomorrow is Australia Day…while it brings with it some disturbing history for me it’s important to use the opportunity to make some significant changes for the future. We can learn from our past and move forward, the choice is ours… I have faith that this great nation can move ahead for all our citizens no matter where they come from, their religion or their past… but for this to happen we have to do it together, undivided in the hope of fairness, equality and justice.

No matter what your plans for the long weekend, may it be a fun and happy time for you and your family and may it be the catalyst of a great united future for us all.

I hope to see you tomorrow at the Local celebrations at Woodward Park (Cnr Hume H’way and Hoxton Park Road) between at 4pm-9pm.  Weather permitting – showers possible 😦

To those taking out their citizenship tomorrow…congratulations and welcome to the greatest place on earth. To the Australia Day honourees… thank you and well done.

Council staff put a great deal of work into this event to make it fun for everyone of every age… so come along, listen to the fabulous music, eat great food and help me celebrate all that is good about our country.

Together we can make a difference. 🙂



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