Where to begin and no end in sight.

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)Liverpool councillors are on hiatus, things are slowly getting back into the swing after a long Christmas break and staff are well back into work and getting things done…

This coming weekend (Saturday 26th) between 4 and 9pm will be the annual Australia Day festival at Woodward Park (Cnr Hume and Hoxton Park). If past years is any indication this fireworks 26.1.2010 001should be a fun filled afternoon with the family. It’s an alcohol free event and there is usually a good mix of free activities and paid. The entertainment on the stage is often of a high quality and the finish of fireworks a treat for the kids.

Council meetings return on the 6th of February, with business papers available on the preceding Friday. With so many council committees and advisory panels changed or defunct I am keen to see the call for community participants and expressions of interest; however I’ve seen nothing yet. For our council to fulfil its promise of an interactive and consultative engagement we seem to be quite a ways off track… fingers crossed this will be rectified quickly and our community gets the opportunity to participate. That said council forums resume in February so it will be nice to get back into the swing and catch up with everyone after such a long break.

In the meantime I’ve been looking a little further afield and there are so many issues across the state it never ceases to amaze me the actions we can get involved with. For instance: Coal seam gas projects are happening STOP CSGeverywhere, even here in downtown Livo and they absolutely need to be stopped until proof positive there will be no long term affects on our water and health. The Intermodal is still going ahead and whilst I’m on the mailing list of activities’ not a great deal positive to share there. We also have the state government trucking radioactive waste to the SITA waste disposal area at Kemps Creek and I can honestly say both Fairfield and Penrith councils are far more engaged than we here in Liverpool and it will most certainly impact on our residents. Do we want Crematoria and so much more all in the mix of things potentially affecting our residents, our farm lands and our housing precincts? Still no joy for the Warwick Farm and Casula residents on the rail lines either, with a blow out on the Southern Sydney freight line by many millions the lousy 4 million for the noise walls is almost laughable… well that is if you don’t live on the line and deal with the noise and the widening of the M5 affects our residents more than any other but no joy there either.

If that’s not enough Badgerys Creek Airport is back in the national conversation and the thought of fuel dumping over our water catchment is a dangerous and thoughtless threat, let alone the planes arriving and leaving. I also read that a major commercial shopping centre is proposed for the Western Sydney Parklands, “Park” lands doesn’t conjure up shopping centres in my mind so I’m hoping this is just one of those suggestions used to distract us from something else being dumped on us. But what is the big question?

How can we sit quietly by as so much is happening around the state, but there’s more: the Federal government is bringing income management to Bankstown and with a recent study showing that Fowler is 7th highest in the areas affected by the recent changes to support… will our residents be next..? Is it not bad enough that they have their income managed but to be issued with a basix card and be told where they can shop…is disgusting? 

Having 101 children and their families  in detention centres is another national disgrace, unemployment growing and the list goes on and on.

We really as a nation need to sit up and pay attention to some of this stuff… write to your local member, make a noise and get involved.. It’s not until we do as a nation of caring people that something will change and change it must.

Finally to those families affected by the fires…our hearts break when we realise your suffering and your loss… let’s hope and pray the insurance companies don’t stuff you about and the promised Federal relief is real and available to you quickly.


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