Immediate action required

Signe Westerberg Headshots (60 of 102)This week’s Champion  advises that the AGL Coal seam plans are both on exhibition and the date for submissions has been extended…sadly they provided the incorrect email address it is:  on the left is a search box: type in Camden Gas project and you will be directed to the information pages and below will be an on line submission option.

Below is my submission… I am 100% against Coal Seam Gas exploration, the risks are too high, the information on safety and long term affect ambiguous … if we don’t stop it now…right now, it could be your house they next explore under…it WILL  be your water and air quality at risk and if information from the US is correct (& they’ve been doing this longer) IT IS NOT SAFE AND MUST BE STOPPED.

More information is available at:

frackingPLEASE read and object to this imposition…

Dear Sirs,

I would like to raise my serious and adamant objections to the proposed CSG mining in Camden and NSW generally.

The blatant disregard for the safety of the immediate generation AND the future is beyond belief. Insufficient research and study has been done to establish the long term affects of this outrageous plan and the impacts on both air and water. Recent releases of Gas in the Nepean district highlights the absolute travesty to our environment that mining such as this can do.

I am horrified that any government could be so lackadaisical with our water supply, the health and safety issues of residents and the obvious air pollution associated with CSG. I also request that a moratorium across the state be installed until such times as the government can assure the safety of residents, the water supply and the air quality associated with CSG.

Recent studies in the US indicate there is little to be said for the proposed financial outcomes and that considering the impacts and costs of installation there is no proof that CSG is a cheap resource and in actual fact if proves much more expensive than wind and solar or geo thermal.

Residents vote for governments they believe will look after their best interests, not chase a quick buck.

Sirs, I cannot more sincerely request this project be denied until real and sufficient studies to the long term affects are clear. A complete moratorium is necessary until this is PROVEN safe.

Our water, our air, our children deserve protection and as the present government of our state it is your duty to do that, and allowing CSG anywhere in NSW until those comprehensive and INDEPENDENT studies are complete.


Signe Westerberg

Business and home owner.


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