1 at 2013..1..3

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)Good day to you all and welcome to my first post for 2013. I have a very big year ahead and some exciting things happening that I will share with you as time goes by. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some time with your family and friends, something I have had the pleasure of doing.

I also spent some time in Wollongong and have some tales to tell but for now I am interested in hearing from you. Who of you attended the council New Years gig? Was it well attended, was there a lot to do? Spill… share and let us all know your thoughts, it was a mostly short notice thing and I’d already made plans so was unable to attend but would love to hear from you if you did make it.

Also did Councils last minute gesture about free parking on Christmas Eve and New Years’ eve get any attention, did you benefit from it? Considering the local papers didn’t attend the last council meeting at which it was approved, did word get out, did the community actually benefit or was it too little too late…?

I commend the council on the ideas but a little more forward planning may make these kinds of things better accessed… but I really would like to hear your opinion of how they went, etc.

So for me it’s “Happy New Year”!!! and watch out world…lots a’happening and let’s get this party started 🙂

Sign off




Ps… don’t forget submissions for the Code of Conduct changes are due on the 16th Jan, this is your opportunity to let council know what you think appropriate for council meetings etc and if you don’t speak up, you’ll be limited to 3 mins to get your point across and have to compete for speaking for and against particular items… if you agree with the changes tell them that also.


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