Public vs Private

roads and more roadsDid you know-

  • 70% or more  of public transport is subsidised by  governments …?
  • one train removes hundreds of cars off the road?
  • that same train removes the need to park hundreds of cars  every day?
  • building roadways costs billions of dollars and tonnes more in ongoing maintenance and repair…?
  • that a thoroughly integrated transport system can work – and does in several other countries
  • that there are people who have detailed analytical plans drawn up and ready to implement?
  • that a 10minute easily accessible service can be achieved… both rail and bus?
  • That we could have this if we insisted our governments listened instead of supporting PPP’s which cost us enormously (Private Public Partnerships- an acronym for very expensive use of taxes)
  • We can have a transport system that was so regular time tables became redundant?


 Have you ever considered the how much heat is generated from all that concrete… car parks and road ways?

How much fuel could be reserved by removing the daily commute?

The amount of sand used just to create concrete enough for one road?

Can you imagine just for one minute how your city would look with less roads and more trees?

Can you even contemplate for a second, the health benefits of not inhaling that much fuel vapour and brake dust?

All this without even factoring in the frustration, the health benefits of a leisurely train or bus ride to work…

Whilst our roads aren’t at this point yet,  19 lanes isn’t here, but this is the direction our governments are taking us… the amount of fuel just to travel these roads.

Here is a thought, a bullet train can carry equivalent (or more) numbers of people as does a plane… it is cheaper to run and is considered  safer… one of the biggest obstacles to change  is the airline companies…. so why the hell doesn’t one of the airlines build/fund/buy a bullet train…I’d just as happily get on Qantas Bullet train as I would a Qantas A380…. why does it have to be either or, why not have Virgin or Qantas or whomever operate between cities with a choice of air or land… The Govt could/should provide the rail lines but first class, business and economy class travel should not be unavailable to us by train in reasonable time frames as are aeroplanes. Then of course making the stock here could provide more and more jobs.

We are a huge nation, travelling between our major centres is expensive; there are huge arguments for the environment by moving to rail vs planes… Jet fuel is very expensive…(its also running out) Electicity Power,  be it wind/solar and wave power may be a little expensive to create becomes inexpensive to operate over long, long periods of time… by comparison over similar periods is as  cheap as chips…its time the country (incl the likes of Qantas et al) started thinking ahead and got those same heads  out of the sand and created a better future for us all.


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