Reading through the business papers.

Seems there will be a lot to write submissions on, comment about and discuss generally.

i.e. How do you feel about Council meetings starting at 6pm … finishing at 9.30 (with no extensions)that is appealing?

The codes of conduct are back, (minus one 🙂 and numerous changes for meeting practices… Can you say what you want in 3mins? Are you happy to limit speakers to 5 per topic for and against, will it be first in first served or will there be a favourites list? Clearly lots of stuff to consider, community charter changes etc…  new committees and all… different criteria for different committees…some the Mayor chooses the community representatives some go through a selection criteria process. How do you feel about that?

When it comes to committees would you like them open to the public like Fairfield’s are OR are you happy for them to continue to be held in secret with strong secrecy guidelines? (we’re copying FCC in some things why not this one?)

Please also remember what you speak  about in councils speakers/public forums doesn’t amount to a submission or will be considered/counted as one, it also doesn’t mean the councillors have to: consider what you say, note it or as we’ve seen, even listen…but remember it IS the only place you can address all councillors and your peers at one time.

All this and more to come I expect… see you at the council meeting Wednesday night at 7pm…the Francis Greenway Centre.


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