I think I might be doing it wrong….

Last night I attended Fairfield’s council meeting. I was stunned by a few things and realised I may have been attending the wrong meetings to find out what’s happening here in Liverpool.  According to Fairfield Councillors Liverpool is getting the same CCTV as they have, Mayor Mannoun told them. Although whilst they’ve had 24hr monitoring they voted last night to discontinue and rely on taping, so they can install CCTV in other areas of the LGA. Mayor Mannoun has clearly been doing his research and committing us to a particular version before the EOI’s have been issued is an ‘unusual’ approach… 

Stunned  2) also that a local resident raised concerns that the dumping of radioactive waste in our LGA was a real concern, hardly gets a whisper here in Liverpool.  Is that the difference in a Labor Majority as opposed to a Liberal one? Although I believe we’ve sent a letter. (We do that)

Stunned 3) I was home by 9.15. which was great, but I left a little concerned much was ‘organised’ prior to the meeting,  Who was to  support a motion and second it was preordained it appeared… debate was limited… and not as nasty  as ours gets although they do heckle a little.

Stunned 4) the winners of the Fairfield Garden competition were invited guests to the council meeting, where reserved seating and a public presentation was made, all with Plaques and Pictures. (Nice)

Stunned 5) as they went into closed session, the mayor invited to residents to have a coffee and wait in the adjoining room, where a light supper awaited…until the councillors were ready to join them.

The councillors do the same things though,  a little  grandstanding, a little heckling… Dai Le Liberal/independent did her share as did another Lib/Ind  Tran, all with little -to no affect. (The difference being a Party Mayor and same Party Majority something we’ll see more of here I think)  They too have moved to Ipads; however no printed business papers were on offer, all has been moved to the I-pad and some additional time being given for councillors to get acquainted with the new technology…. and the new microphones.

There wasn’t much in the way of debating however one experienced fellow seemed right on the ball with info whilst for the most part the majority had at least read the documentation. I do appreciate real debate and at times we do this quite well.. other times not so.. but differences there were….

All in all an interesting evening… will consider checking it out again.   In case something important in Liverpool is happening in the future.




8 Responses to I think I might be doing it wrong….

  1. Colin says:

    In a one party state there is no debate, nor dissent, nor questions. it makes meetings quick, but it doesn’t make for democracy, which is naturally messy.

    • Signe says:

      in a perfect world Col you are correct…and as I said debate is good, actually fabulous. Messy is fine, its the different processes that grab my attention.

  2. Bill Cashman says:

    There is debate in Fairfield where the consensus doesn’t exist – we had a little last night where Clrs Molluso and Tran had specific points-of-view regarding (respectively) a child care centre and CCTV – but there is much less of the “arguing-for-the-sake-of-being-heard” that exists in other Councils.

    In any event, the ALP are the majority in that they have 6 Clrs and the Mayor v. 6 “Others” – you will see it get willing at times, but it’s generally civilised (although Zaya Toma wasn’t there last night, and he tends to play to the gallery).

    Anyway – you’re always welcome to sit in Signe!

    • Signe says:

      I still think it interesting to attend all different types of council meetings just to see how it is done, some more to suit their residents, some not… all in all very interesting

  3. Bill Cashman says:

    Oh, and I forgot – most of the motions were on recommendations from Committees, and the chair customarily moves them with other committee members jumping up to second 😉

    • Signe says:

      the Chair moves them, really, very interesting… I”ve attended a number of different council meetings now and they are all different, some more interesting than others and at least at Liverpool we don’t sing the National anthem like they do elsewhere…positives and negatives… Gotta keep learnin’

      • Bill Cashman says:

        I don’t mind the National Anthem – don’t like the “Prayer” (I think that’s culturally insensitive, because it is concluded with a Judeo/Christian term), and I don’t like the pic of Liz.

      • Signe says:

        I love the anthem being played I don’t like the singing… alone which is what happened in another council… sorry I was a few minutes late last night totally missed the prayer I think…and Liz well she’s a bit overdone

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