Stuff happening NOW

Here are a few links to some important actions that you could get involved with right now:

1) The Better Planning Network is seeking support in the extension of time for the planning review:

Bear in mind the proposed changes to the planning documents hugely favour developers (imho) and it is imperative we have more time to consider the impacts and voice our concerns. The first link outlines the objectives, the second jumps straight to the survey.

2)  Objections to the proposed Fire Tax need to be made before the 30th October, 2012. Please consider the impacts of an additional $300 added to your rates each year for insurance. The big winners in this cost shifting exercise is the Insurance companies and the State government, you are the loser, not only will you pay for your private insurances but be lumbered with the additional tax.

Please voice your concerns at now  time is running out and if not enough people complain and say NO… this cost shifting will be added to your rates. Barry O’Farrell is not only closing Fire Stations he now wants us the resident to pay additional insurance. NO NEW TAX.

3) The Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management authority (water catchment) (SMCMA) is seeking input into the different areas across the Sydney region. For those of us fighting the enormous impacts of the Proposed Intermodal at Moorebank I used this opportunity to comment on the liveability survey and to voice my concerns of the impact on the Georges River.  Of course I encourage you to look over the entire doc and form your own opinions however I focused on the impact of the Intermodal on Liverpool’s Georges River, as well as those of urban development and industrial development along the river. which will lead you to the survey or public meetings are being organised:  (please note this is a water catchment authority so keeping the contents of your concerns to the impact on the water catchments is necessary)

For further information on the Plan you are invited to attend upcoming workshops.

There will be a Local Government consultation workshop in Parramatta on Wednesday 31October 2012 (10am to 1pm) and a Community Consultation workshop on Monday 5th November (5.30-7.30pm) at Strathfield Library.  

 If you wish to attend one of the workshops please RSVP to Judy Christie on 02 9895 7753 or

4) Tomorrow night at the Fairfield Councils meeting a number of their residents will be speaking to council about the impacts of the dumping of Nuclear Waste in Liverpool. They are a neighbouring city and are more involved in this in a public sense than we’ve been able to muster here… please consider attending their council meeting and supporting their residents as they help fight the injustice of dumping on OUR LGA and the transport across the region in order to dump it here.

5) Coal seam gas mining is happening here in LIVERPOOL NOW.. we presently have wells along South creek and Dart energy have a license to drill wherever they want… if you like me are against this, consider getting involved with the lock the gate group who are opposing CSG Mining in  Australia. Way to much is unknown about the impacts of Fracking through the rock and water tables to  gain access to the C S Gas…. huge amounts of information are available against this process and just today a report was issued suggesting that the Spanish Earthquake in May 2010 may directly have been impacted by mining… I’ll leave you to decide where you stand but suggest a place to start is with the Lock the gate Alliance at

6) if you like me are against cruel and inhumane treatment of animals consider getting involved with Animals Australia via from here you can help raise awareness of inhumane treatment of animals here and those being shipped live to other countries across the world.

 If that’s not enough I can direct you to any number of issues that affect us right here, right now, Cemeteries in South western Sydney, Badgerys Airport back on the drawing board however those listed above are the most pressing in means of deadlines and cut-off points…

I spend a good deal of everyday raising awareness of the issues that affect us here and now, in Liverpool and across our state… whether at a Greens State Conference, as I did on Saturday or through lots of interaction on the web and beyond. Please note I’ve not listed the huge list of actions being taken by NSW Greens MLC’s that affect Teaching outcomes, free range egg labelling and so much more and would be happy to direct you to those as well.

Get involved today, speak up, voice your concerns and let people know

 WE ARE NOT THE DUMPING GROUND….for everything no one else wants.

Any questions call me on 8777 5599… I’m happy to help where I can. If you have an issue that affects you and your neighbours let me know, we’ve helped numerous groups in Liverpool over the last few years (eg the LAKES group in Cecil Hills, the Hoxton Park Sewerage Issues etc etc) and will continue to advocate for a fair deal for all. We have had some wins and some matters still being worked on, but together I believe we can make a difference.


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