Badgerys Creek Airport back on the “To Do” List

I’ve just come back from a meeting at Bringelly with the Liverpool Leader newspaper and local residents, discussing the latest Infrastructure NSW decision to put Badgerys Creek airport back on the ‘to do’ list.

(@ Daniella, FTR… no Liberal councillors were in attendance) however Cllr Wendy Waller and approximately 15 local residents who would be directly affected were,  as we discussed the fact that Liverpool is becoming the dumping ground for pretty much anything no one else wants.  Local Residents are rightly distressed that after the Federal Government finally confirmed that Bringelly was no longer an option, these poor residents are again in the firing line. Not only with multiple Cemeteries, Radio Active Waste deposits, CSG mining on and around South Creek willy-nilly but now the Airport is back in the MIX. When will this stop…? We have the mega model (Intermodal) at Moorebank, proposed as the Largest inland port in Australia when completed, and the enormous impost on local residents of traffic, noise, pollution etc etc…Then as a bonus we’ll be in the flight path for an International airport…dumping excess fuel over the Warragamba dam (our drinking water and catchments), our market Gardens (our food) and the new housing release areas… NICE ONE BARRY!

This federal confirmation was no doubt a consideration for the hundreds of families who purchased their homes in the new release areas, after all the Federal government has said no to the airport…officially.

Some chatter has it that this announcement has been made  to deflect attention from the intermodal, the rail and lack of noise protection for our residents, the widening of the M5 to accommodate the trucks to and from the proposed intermodal all while the EIS (Environment Impact statement) is supposedly being done.

Its time Liverpool took a stand and said no… it’s one thing to share the load for the state, but entirely another to wear it all… if the waste from Hunters Hill isn’t dangerous , leave it where it is, if the Federal Government said Badgerys Creek was unsuitable, so be it. This isn’t a  NIMBY issue, make a list of the types and style of things being brought to Liverpool and its quick to see much of it isn’t wanted elsewhere…

 I heard someone say they had voted Liberal because Barry had promised that this (The airport)  was not on the agenda… what does it take for our residents to know they are being played as fools?

Lastly, tonight is the first council meeting with the new councillors, looking forward to seeing you there, looks like we might be in for an interesting 4 years. More tomorrow 🙂


2 Responses to Badgerys Creek Airport back on the “To Do” List

  1. diana says:

    we live in badgerys creek . what do you know whats for people whom live in badgerys creek only. not the surround areas those people should but out .

    • Signe says:

      Hi Diana, thanks for the comment but I”m not sure what you mean, I have regular and intense conversations with the residents across Liverpool and attend the rural forums. I find that the majority don’t want the airport, and I’m not sure if you are indicating you do or not. By the way, an airport doesn’t just affect the landing zone, all of us in Liverpool and surrounds would be affected deeply by flight paths etc.

      In case you aren’t aware there is to be some changes to the planning around properties out your way, you might want to keep an eye out as the R ratings are changing, especially for smaller 2.5h holdings.

      Lastly if it affects people with whom I’m in contact, care about and live in my LGA… its unlikely I’ll be butting out anytime soon. Thanks again for commenting.

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