Sydney’s South West…just keeps giving and giving

Sadly what we seem to be giving is free range  dump sites… WAKE UP … so far we are the dump site for the Largest Inland port in Australia, the Moorebank intermodal,  we are the NEW TOXIC tip for radioactive waste at Kemps Creek, free range CSG access for Dart energy and for fun this morning has infrastructure NSW suggesting the Badgerys’s Creek Airport is a winner.

It’s time we voiced our dissent … Liverpool is one of if not the largest growth centres in NSW, we are expecting another 150,000+ residents over the coming 15+ years … not including neighbouring development in Fairfield, Campbelltown, Camden, and Penrith…  put simply this means hundreds of thousands of people will make their homes in the west and south west of Sydney.  This is great, as long as we manage the balance of homes with access to food production, which is what we’ve been in the past; the food bowl… our land is valuable for both homes and as a source of food. How long will that last if we also become a radioactive waste dump… much of our LGA is water catchment, water that directly provides drinking water for much of the Sydney basin and most certainly western Sydney.

I’m not particularly keen on jet fuel in my water or over my tomatoes… and I really don’t want a Geiger counter to check my vegies.  I’m not excited about another 3000 trucks daily on our roads either – but according the Infrastructure NSW today, that’s fine they’ll build more roads. The fellow interviewed,  Paul Broad,  said that less than 7% of the population used trains, about as many as use buses… really…. he didn’t mention that to access the jobs more than 65% of our residents have to travel out of the LGA to get work, did it not occur to those clever people at INSW that bringing business to us would mean things like Public transport were actually options. Did it occur to them that when you live an hour to an hour and a half away from work and there IS NO PUBLIC transport that the car was the only option… did they actually think about the South West and West of Sydney at ALL? Did it occur to him that the 7% were perhaps the only ones who could access their work by public transport… did they even consider why people out here use cars as oft as we do…. THERE IS NO REAL CHOICE.

Am I frustrated by this of course I am, for decades now the residents of Badgerys Creek have been on hold, only recently the Federal Government actually said NO to Badgerys Creek airport but wouldn’t lift the restrictions, many hoping that was just a matter of time. What the Hell do these governments think… do they think about us at all?

Earmarking that same Badgerys Creek site for an industrial/technological park, extending the Leppington rail link to Penrith/Blacktown, creating smaller better distributed Intermodal’s along the periphery of the growth centres with access via Newcastle and Port Kembla with an adequate rail link MAKES SENSE… just building bigger wider, more congested Road networks DOES NOT.

MY CITY – LIVERPOOL IS NOT A DUMP SITE… WOULD THE GOVERNMENTS SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US, STOP THINKING IT IS!!!  We want clean air, access to future focused jobs, dismantling the centralised thinking of everything needs to be in Sydney idea is what should be done first and foremost. Thinking past all roads lead to Rome mentality is necessary…and soon. Before you ruin our future, before you stuff it up completely.

1)      Start thinking about Sydney as more than the CBD

2)      Note that the majority of the people of NSW (Sydney) are located in the West and South West of the city.

3)      Remember you have to feed all these people and access to food will be paramount if we become even dryer…

4)      Water is essential for life… don’t drill CSG mines through it and contaminate our Rivers.

5)      Aeroplanes descending/landing over drinking water and food is not sensible….planes off load fuel.

6)      People are the priority, feeding and housing them and providing work…not cars.

7)      Public transport works… check out any European city….

8)      Green Energy works overseas; it can work here and bring with it the jobs we need for our unemployed. Germany is a prime example of solar/wind etc IT WORKS.

9)      Education is a must stop closing TAFE Courses and depleting school services.

10)   Forget politics, what is right is right no matter who says it….

11)   More roads is not the answer…. more tolls won’t help.

What would you like to add to this list, it’s not in priority order… so feel free to add your suggestions to a check list for our Governments?

NSW has the most people; Western Sydney has the largest concentration of people in NSW.

People need jobs, we have the resources and we have the people… time to man up and do what’s right AND STOP DUMPING THE STUFF NO ONE ELSE WANTS IN LIVERPOOL.


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