Police Officer of the Year

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the annual Police Officer of the Year awards hosted by Rotary. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to attend because of other past commitments and I have to say how impressed I was with the event.

As many of you would know I have the utmost respect for our boys and girls in blue, they do amazing work under at times dreadful circumstances and they achieve great things often without acknowledgement or publicity.

As I was walking into the event I ran into an acquaintance I’d known through work for some years, he introduced me to his police officer daughter who was attending as a nominee and in supporting her colleagues. Once inside we went our separate ways and I cannot tell you how chuffed I was  that she was announced Liverpool Police Officer of the Year recognising her work  specifically in the Warwick Farm child prostitution  matter earlier this year and ongoing. The Other officer was recognised for her work with youth in Green Valley. More detailed information will be available next week as no doubt will be picture of the fine officers nominated and the successful teams and recipients.

Liverpool Catholic club did themselves proud in presenting a wonderful environment and the Police Band Musicians were just terrific, as were the tenors from the group called the Waiters … I am a sucker for a tenor and Nessun Dorma was no doubt my favourite piece – I’m such a Pavarotti Fan and the three gentlemen’s voices were simply wonderful.

I had the pleasure of meeting a number of these fabulous local police and catching up with some I already knew like Sup Int Ray King from Liverpool LAC.  Just at my table were Chief Sup Adam Whyte,his lovely wife Linda, Police Chaplain Keith Morgan and his gorgeous daughter,  Fed MP Chris Hayes, his lovely wife Bernadette, Wendy Waller, Paul Bryant and  Shann O’Connell. Throughout the night I met numerous  other local residents, police officers and associates at what was a delightful and special recognition of so many fabulous people. A big thank you must go to June Young OAM for her tireless efforts, I believe she first instigated this event some 14yrs ago, Rotary and to all the amazing sponsors including Liverpool Council well done.

Celebrate policing this year as they celebrate their 150 anniversary and please take a few minutes out of your day on Saturday 29th and remember those Police lost in the Line of duty, some 251 of them gone, but not forgotten.


2 Responses to Police Officer of the Year

  1. Daniella says:

    Hi Signe

    You normally point out who attends events so as I noticed you didn’t mention that in your post about the Police Awards so I thought I would. You had in attendance:

    Mayor Ned Mannoun (Liberal)
    Clr Maz Hadid (Liberal)
    Clr Gus Balloot (Liberal)
    Clr Sabrina Mamone (Liberal)
    Clr Peter Ristevski (Liberal)
    Clr Wendy Waller (Labor)

    So that’s 5 Liberals out of 6. And 1 Labor out of 4.

    As they are new Councillors I’m sure it was an honest mistake on your behalf.

    • Signe says:

      No worries Daniella as it was a completely social event for me, I mentioned only those at my table by name and some of those with whom I spoke.You didn’t mention Cllr Peter Harle in your list so my guess that you are attempting to politise the event by merely highlighting the majority Local Libs…some of whom I’ve not actually met thereby wouldn’t recognise. Either way happy for the inclusions. More importantly I did mention that LCC was a sponsor but failed to list/mention the numerous others….noting your diligence perhaps next time I should bring paper and pen….

      Perhaps at least to start the support for the mayor will be forthcoming..sadly the same
      courtesy was not afforded the role prior to this…again most likely political. BTW it is noted that the previous Mayor,Wendy Waller had the grace to be there, another courtesy we will need to wait and see if reciprocated in the future.

      Thankyou for the comment please feel free to do so again anytime.

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