For those unaware, the Premier of NSW is proposing a new Tax for NSW residents that would be a “simple” $300 inclusion on our rates. I pay insurance for Fire and flood and goodness knows what else. I will not support making Insurance companies richer by offsetting the fees on my RATES.

If you agree with me…either write to the Premier, you have to the 8th October or click on this link and object loud and clear and do it today. Share this with friends and family… let him know this is simply NOT ON.

From the Unions nonewtax webpage: Why is Mr O’Farrell doing this:

  • Barry O’Farrell is trying to change the way fire stations are funded. For over 100 years, insurers have provided the lion’s share of our emergency services funding. It makes sense because a strong fire service saves them billions in insurance claims. Right now it’s a true “user pays” system.

But now, the insurance companies have convinced Mr O’Farrell to tear up that system.

This will deliver the insurance companies a windfall of up to $700 million in extra profits.

I think, we in Liverpool pay enough in rates, I also believe that the Premier closing Fire stations is wrong, downsizing our fire services and reducing fire fighters is wrong and now suggesting we should pay extra in our rates to have fire protection is a step to far.

We all seem to accept blindly that our state is being governed more and more by Big Business… well this is simply too much… I say NO… not on my watch Mr O’Farrell NO, NO Hell NO….

btw…if you think because you rent it won’t affect you, think again, all additional costs will be transferred to tenants…bet your bottom dollar!






  1. Thanks for your support of this campaign, it’s an important issue.

    • Signe says:

      HI Darin, welcome aboard. This is an enormous issue, along with the destruction of TAFES and the impacts on schools… taking money even covertly from our essential services is wrong.. in this case sneaking it onto Rates is just disgusting.

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