It’s ok Barry’ll fix it.

I am generally not a sceptic, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and I’m quite often a pretty good judge of character.

That said I never quite got that warm and fuzzy feeling that everything Barry O’Farrell and his team touted during the election campaign almost two years ago was well, necessarilygoing to happen… I recently saw a document put out by the now opposition in NSW that in excess of 200 core election promises had been broken by the now NSW Government…. interestingly the NSW Labor government cannot be accused of being crash hot either and I’m sure someone out there kept score too.

One of the things you knew would be in strife would be the Public Service, I’ve never seen a Liberal Government at any level who doesn’t’ attack the Public Service with hatchet like precision.  Sadly most people think that Public service means the clerk sitting behind a desk in an office in Macquarie Street, not enough of the public realises that public service includes our kids Teachers, their support staff, nurses, nurses aids, fire-fighters, ambo’s and police. Of those listed not one hasn’t been attacked by supposed cuts by the present NSW Govt, but here’s the question, where are the savings going? On the radio this morning the health minister was touting the need to trim the fat from health, again, she at no point indicated where that fat trimming excess would be directed, even when asked directly.

In fairness one promise has been kept by Barry… he did preserve and protect the Dharawal and confirmed it a National Park… nice one…. but it’s the only one with the exception of the trimming the fat which they’re doing but where is it going?  

Now we have confirmation that Toxic waste is going to be offloaded from the Northern Suburbs to Kemps Creek… well done Barry, not only do we get buried under State and Federal needs by having the Inland Port dumped on us in Liverpool but to balance out the crap we get Toxic Waste … it’s not like all of Sydney gets its water from the catchments here in Liverpool LGA… oh hang on, yes they do… the water catchment areas, of say Warragamba and Prospect reservoir are fed by local catchments such as South Creek… oooh…that’s right where the toxic waste is going to be. You know, right across the road from the CSIRO research farms on Elizabeth Drive… you know out where we have our market gardens and stuff… no need to worry Barry’ll fix it. Fix it sure, he’s made sure his local government area of Hunters Hill is free of the toxic waste they helped create and now it’s on its way to Liverpool.

I am sick and tired of everything NO ONE ELSE WANTS being dumped in the Liverpool Local Government area. We have an area in excess of 360 square kilometres  for  New Housing development,  Market Gardens,  residences, business growth and bounded by two magnificent rivers  all here in Liverpool. You have to ask how attractive will we be with our major roads clogged even more than they are now, and they are already at 110%?  What about those happy new families who are building their dream home in the South west Growth centre when they realise just across the ridge is a toxic waste dump?  Its ok Barry’ll fix it… I think not.

Seems being a Liberal council majority over the last 4 years has had nought impact against the propensity to dump stuff in Liverpool, wonder how it will be now we again have a Liberal Majority and a Liberal Mayor… ? I guess only time will tell….

Anyone got some crap they don’t want, please don’t tell Barry and the team ….’cause Barry’ll fix it,  right here to Liverpool!!!


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