Campaign promises and where to start

One of the things discussed by all campaigns during the elections was the improvement in a number of areas across the city including pride and image. A fine and reasonable ask I agree.

If the new Council majority wants to show its intent and purpose I have a suggestion for where to start.

REMOVE YOUR CORFLUTES  from the LGA, the Liberal ones hanging above Terminus Street on the walk over are torn and tattered and Need to be removed… all others need to be removed also, the election is over. I know you spent a LOT of money getting them out and about… but its time they were gone.

More than one person has brought this to my attention so if you want to earn credibility… this isn’t a bad place to start, sometimes its the little things.

ps… we collected all ours (for reuse) on election night, except those torn down/stolen by others, if you see them anywhere, please let us know… we certainly didn’t leave them but are happy to make sure they are gone.

As to the rest of the campaign promises I’ll keep you informed when and if there is action…its easy to make a promise, not always so easy to keep it. Fingers Crossed!


5 Responses to Campaign promises and where to start

  1. Concerned resident says:

    It might also be appropriate if the Labor party remove theirs, I have counted 11 of Ms Waller still up in the north ward.

    • Signe says:

      Hi and yes absolutely… dont’ care who they belong to.. they should be gone. I noticed yours were down, like ours pretty quickly. Totally support removal.

  2. Concerned resident says:

    There is a legal requirement for the Photograph ones to be down within a specific time frame post election .. Those in the North ward have exceeded the time allowed .

    • Signe says:

      Agreed, which is why they should be gone, ours were removed on the night as per legal requirement and our desire to re-use corflutes at a later date.

      As to the legislation, is that so on private property? Either way they make us look untidy.. I’m sure someone reading this will let us know.

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